Review: Claimed by Elle Kennedy

(Outlaws, #1)
By: Elle Kennedy
Publisher: Signet
Published: Oct. 6, 2015
Genre: Dystopian Erotica

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After a devastating war decimated most of the world, Hudson Lane has only known the oppressive life under her own father’s tyranny. She finally escapes, branding herself an outlaw and hunted by the Enforcers. Her best chance at survival is Connor Mackenzie, an aggressively sensual fugitive who opens her eyes to the wicked possibilities of a world without rules.

As the leader of a band of outlaw fighters, Connor can’t resist the beautiful stranger who asks for his protection. Despite his reservations, he agrees to introduce her to a whole new way of life. But when Connor discovers Hudson’s connection to the enemies of liberty, he wonders how far he can trust the woman who has abandoned all inhibitions to challenge every forbidden desire.



My thoughts…

The world that Hudson and Connor know is nothing like our own. Their world has been destroyed by war and has left the people under the rule of the Council. A group of men who regulate everything, even who can and can’t have children. Well,  there’s really just a select few “breeders” who are allowed to have children. Heck, they even regulate who gets medically treated. Which is pretty much just the council members, close family members, and the enforcers. Hudson had a rather cushy life given the fact that her father was one of the council members. However, when she’s contracted out to marry a man who is the poster child for roid-rage, she takes off in the hopes of leading a life outside the council’s gates as an outlaw. She knows it’s not going to be easy but what she doesn’t expect is to run into a group of men that are sure to keep her safe, that is, as long as they don’t find out who she is.

Claimed starts off right in the thick of things. We aren’t really given a background story as to what’s going on and why everything is the way it is. We are just thrown in and we slowly catch up to things as they are slowly revealed to us. You can kind of tell that this world is nothing like our own. People trade for goods and services since money has no purpose. So, when one of Connor’s friends goes up to get liquor at the bar, he pays with his manly services to the bartender. That pretty much happens in the first chapter. You get the sense that no one holds back on any account whether it’s their thoughts, their impulses, or their lust. It makes sense though since as outlaws they are continuously hunted by the enforcers and “put down.” They might as well make the most out of life… and they do.

The world that the author created was a fascinating one. We don’t just get told that they are outlaws and are hiding out, you actually experience it. We go with group on raids, watch as they make their latest compound a “home”, and experience the dangers of what it’s like to be an outlaw. I really enjoyed that the author didn’t just say it was this dark world and then turn the story into just Hudson and Connor holing up in their little hut. No, we got to see what it was like out there.

I will admit that when I first read the synopsis I thought this would be a dystopian romance. However, this was a lot more like an erotica than just a romance. Not only because of the more detailed descriptions but because the characters were ALWAYS talking and having sex. Not a chapter went by without it. I’m not going to lie, at times I felt like it was a bit overkill but I suppose if this is really an erotica, then it fits.

Claimed was a great introduction into the Outlaws series. The world building was on point, the characters have you wanting to dive in deeper and learn their back stories, and the sex was off the charts. If you’re looking for a dystopian post-apocalyptic erotica, this is a good one. While I enjoyed Hudson and Connor’s story, I’m dying to read about the others. Particularly Pike.


Favorite part…

Hudson comes across a wolf cub and decides to take it in. Pike lends a hand and tries to help her train it. Their different relationships with the pup was pretty humorous since it’s exactly how our dog is with the Mr. and I.

“‘Lie down,” he snapped.
The wolf kept staring.
Cursing, he dropped to his knees and pounded his fist on the ground. ‘Down, Hope.”
Hope blinked at him.
Pike shot to his feet, growling out another expletive.
‘Why does she do it when you ask her?’
‘Two reasons–I ask her nicely and give her treats.”


7 Thoughts on “Review: Claimed by Elle Kennedy

  1. Sounds interesting, though I don’t think I’ve read a Dystopian Erotica before. Glad the author wrote it where they were out and about. I go a bit mad if they’re holed up in one place the entire book.

  2. I don’t mind my erotica, but I do mind my erotica when it goes a little bit over the top. And although it does seem like it has a story outside of the all the mentions of sex and everything, it might get a little tedious that there isn’t a chapter without it or without it being mentioned… So I’m not sure about this one.

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  3. I felt like I read this by the cover, and had to stop reading your review and look on my Goodreads, then my I own it, but haven’t read it yet. I like the world-building and I am excited you plan to continue.

  4. Sometimes lots of sex is good sometimes not. Still sounds like a decent book.

  5. It’s all sex and danger for the most part, The last quarter saved this one for me. I like where the series in terms of plot is going. I wish though that there’s a better balance between the plot and lusty romance

  6. The fascinating world building sounds great in this one

  7. HI Kristin! Great review… though not a book I would be interested in.

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