Review: Dengeki Daisy Vol:1 by Motomi Kyousuke

Dengeki Daisy
(Dengeki Daisy #1)
By: Motomi Kyousuke
Publisher: PT. Gramedia
Published: Oct. 26, 2007
Genre: Shojo Manga

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One day at school Teru accidentally breaks a window and agrees to pay for it by helping Kurosaki with chores around school. Kurosaki is an impossible taskmaster though, and he also seem to be hiding something important from Teru…



Let me start out by saying that I have never been able to read manga before. I am more of an anime girl. For some reason I always had a problem getting into the whole manga/comic reading. However, I instantly fell in love with this story and had no problems staying on track.

Teru is a girl who has had a very tough life. With both of her parents and her brother dead, she has no one to look out for her… except DAISY. Before he died, Teru’s brother gave her a cellphone with DAISY’s number in it and told Teru that DAISY would always be there for her. DAISY has become Teru’s life support but she has never met the person behind the name.

Kurosaki works at Teru’s school as the janitor. He sees how Teru is looked down upon and treated since she is poor. He is also there for support when she needs him because he is the hacker called DAISY. However, there are reasons why he refuses to tell Teru his true identity. So instead, he keeps an eye on her by hiring her to be his “slave” and do his custodial work for him after he finds her throwing a ball through the school window.

I thought this manga was really light, romantic and funny. Kurosaki is at odds with himself. He cares for Teru but he hides his feelings behind sarcasm. The story covered quite a bit of ground and leaves you wanting more. The little side story at the end didn’t help much either.

The humor in this book is pretty funny. Since Kurosaki has wrangled Teru to do his work for him, pretty much the entire time she wishes that all of his hair would fall out. Kurosaki also does his fair share of instigating as well. One day Teru is being awfully quiet no matter how much Kurosaki prods her so then he asks her “What you’re not going to give me attitude? I’m worried, caught a cold? Or is it PMS?”


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