Review: Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken

3295695Dragon Actually
(Dragon Kin, #1)
By: G.A. Aiken
Publisher: Zebra
Published: Sept. 1, 2008
Genre: Paranormal Romance


It’s not always easy being a female warrior with a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody. Men tend to either cower in fear – a lot – or else salute. It’s true that Annwyl has a knack for decapitating legions of her ruthless brother’s soldiers without pausing for breath. But just once it would be nice to be able to really talk to a man, the way, she can talk to Fearghus the Destroyer.

Too bad that Fearghus is a dragon, of the large, scaly and deadly type. With him, Annwyl feels safe – a far cry from the feelings aroused by the hard-bodied, arrogant knight Fearghus has arranged to help train her for battle. With her days spent fighting a man who fill her with fierce, heady desire, and her nights spent in the company of a magical creature who could smite a village just by exhaling, Annwyl is sure life couldn’t get any stranger. She’s wrong…



1thoughtsThere are actually two stories in this book. The first story is about Annwyl the Bloody who is notorious for her fierceness when in battle. The story starts off with Annwyl in battle with some of her brother’s men. One of which have succeeded in skewering her with his sword. She knows that she’s not going to make it, so when a huge black dragon comes out of his cave and incinerates her brother’s men, she is not fearful of the dragon. She knows she’s about to die so what does it matter if she dies by sword or by dragon. However, she wakes up and finds herself not only alive but mended and healing. Turns out the dragon not only didn’t eat her but he also brought someone in to heal her as well.

I loved how the author wrote the characters. You would think that Annwyl would be this tough, fierce woman but actually, when she is around the dragon she is almost childlike. They spend their nights talking, she does handstands on his back and cuddles up to him and either takes a nap or reads a book. And you would think that you would start to view the dragon as human after a while, but at no point do you forget that Fearghus is a dragon. The author is always describing the sway of his tail or the strength of his claws, so you never once forget what he is. There are even parts where there’s talk of him eating humans. However, he is also very kind and protective of Annwyl and looks forward to their talks at night. You definitely wouldn’t think someone with the name “The Destroyer” would relish in laying by a pool of water reading a book with a human slumbering at his side.

This was an enjoyable read that didn’t have too much going on. It basically consists of Annwyl hiding away with Fearghus while she heals and trains to bring down her brother and his men. It’s definitely something to pick up if you need something easy to read in the paranormal romance department. There’s dragons, gruesome fighting, a bad-ass heroine, and some sexy times.

The second story didn’t really click with me. It’s a novella about Fearghus’ parents and how they came to be a mated pair. I just wasn’t that invested in those characters. Yes, it was interesting to see how they came to be mated, considering that Rhiannon was forced to be his mate but I just didn’t really get into it. I would’ve much preferred to have read about Fearghus’ siblings instead.

I’ll probably pick up the next book in the series if it goes on sale or becomes available at my library. It’s not something I’m dying to continue but was enjoyable to read.


1favequote“Now. Now, Annwyl. No need to curtsy. A simple nod of your head and absolute worship will be more than enough.”




6 Thoughts on “Review: Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken

  1. I need more dragon books in my life, while this one doesn’t sound OMG AMAZING, it sounds pretty good still 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  2. Oh that quote is hilarious. I do like how descriptive this sounds Kristin.

  3. Oooh… two stories! That’s a bonus! Glad you enjoyed Annwyl and Fearghus’s story! You kind of had me with dragon!!

  4. This is one of my favoritest series. The second novella in this one I think would have done better after reading others in the series and getting more of a connection. But his siblings and their mates are hilarious and she proves her name after as it goes on. 😀 I hope you enjoy them if you do end up giving the others a go 🙂

  5. Dragon to the rescue! Oh yes, I want this book!

  6. This is on my TBR. This book sounds like a lovely read! I love the idea of him reading while she’s snuggled up to him ! 🙂

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