Review: Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy

enchantingEnchanting the Lady
(Relics of Merlin, #1)
By: Kathryne Kennedy
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Published: Aug. 1, 2012
Genre: Fantasy Romance

His Magic Condems Him…

In a Victorian England with a rigid hierarchy of magic, lion shapeshifter Sir Terence Blackwell is at the bottom of the rung of society. Only Lady Felicity Seymour, who has no magic, no inheritance, and no prospects, may be willing to judge the man strictly on his own merits…

Until She Reveals His True Power…

When family pressures push Lady Felicity into a terrible fate, she has only Sir Terence to turn to. Together, the two outcasts become embroiled in the dark depths beneath society’s facade. And what they discover about each other is the only thing that’s real…



1thoughtsFelicity has always gone unnoticed her entire life. Not just unnoticed, but totally unseen. She has had people sit on her, walk straight into her, and not even see her when she’s in the same room. She always thought it was the fact that she was not beautiful enough to be noticed or remembered, but when she shows up to the Prince’s annual magic testing, Terrance instantly notices the relic-magic surrounding her. To him, she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and he is determined to not only get to the bottom of the relic-magic but to make Felicity his as well… only he is unaware of the latter. With the danger of the relic-magic, Terrance must find not only the relic hosting the power but the person behind this evil magic and destroy them. He just hopes that that person isn’t Felicity herself.

Poor Felicity is always overlooked and it is sad to see how low her self-esteem is because of it. However, when she walks into her testing room and sees Terrance looking at her, she is instantly drawn to him. Later at the coming out party for everyone who had their testings, Terrance saves her from a near collision with other party goers who clearly doesn’t see her. She is elated that not only does Terrance see her but he seems truly interested in courting her as well. Something that she felt would never happen for her.

Terrance is a were-shifter. A lion to be precise and almost everyone either is afraid of him or is disgusted with him for what he is. He is also a relic hunter and hunts the jewels that wields dark magic. Were’s are immune to magic and therefor he’s able to see through whatever spell that has been placed on Felicity. When he notices the relic magic around Felicity he sets out a plan to court her in order to get to the bottom of the magic. However, the more time he spends with her the more he comes to care for her.

The story flows very well at a consistent pace. At first you are thrown into Felicity’s testing and watch as Terrance and Felicity start their new relationship. About halfway through you start to get more action as Terrance starts to get to the bottom of the relic magic. I was a fan of the fantasy that the author portrayed in the story. Everyone has magic and something was always going on, whether it was cool light displays or fancy fighting techniques. I would almost say that the world the author created was like Harry Potter. It was just very magical. I also just want to add that I absolutely adored the Dragonette, Daisy. 😉 She was but a little thing… but a feisty thing that is not to be messed with.


1favepartUpon their first discussion, Felicity asks Terrance if there’s a difference between when he shifts with clothes on versus naked. Unsure, when he goes to shift later that night he strips down to see if there’s a difference. His fellow shifter friend sees him in his lion form, circling around checking out his pelt, and is baffled at what he’s doing. I just thought the whole thing was funny because 1) he didn’t know if there was a difference, and 2) after their first encounter, Felicity had already gotten inside of his head.

15 Thoughts on “Review: Enchanting the Lady by Kathryne Kennedy

  1. Adding this one to my TBR. I typically don’t read historical books, but I plan to read at least one this year. Toss in paranormal and that makes my decision easier 😀 Glad you enjoyed!

    • It was an interesting mix. It didn’t feel too historical. I mean, there was the whole decorum of that time period but it also had a lot of paranormal elements to it to balance it out.

  2. I really like the sound of this one! I can’t imagine how it must feel to not have been seen your whole life…and for Felicity to have been thinking it was only in the figurative sense. Gah! I’m putting this one on my wishlist. 😀

    • It was definitely an interesting spin to the novel. If people tried hard enough of knew she was there they could see her but otherwise she sort of just blended into the background and was forgotten by others.

  3. Love the blurb. Sucks that someone did that to Felicity and I can understand why she’d feel so low. But I like that Terrence is so determined to help her and that the two develop genuine feelings for each other. I’m curious about the characters and this magical world. Seems like such a awesome story. Nice review, and glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • It was a great mix of paranormal and historical. Everyone seemed to have magic of some sort and then there were the were-shifters. It was an entertaining read. I need to get the other ones in the series.

  4. Oh my I love the sound of this! I know I have one of her books, I hope this isthe one I have!

    Thanks for the rec, I’m in between reads now. This sounds delightful

    • I honestly bought this YEARS ago in a library sale. It has the original cover from a previous publisher that I think isn’t even in production anymore. Sad that it took me so long to read it. Now I’m dying to get my hands on the other books in the series. I hope this is the one you have in your library. It was an enjoyable read.

  5. Aw poor them! I love them already I think. (yay for a lion shifter). I’d seen this one a while back but didn’t grab a copy. Gonna have to change that. Sounds like a good kick off to a series 🙂

    • I haven’t read too many lion-shifters before. I think just the one from Kate Daniel’s series and that was it. I actually snagged this book years ago at a library sale. It’s been sitting on my shelf for a while. Feel bad that I’m just now getting around to it.

  6. Love the sound of this one, off to add to my wishlist

  7. I so have to add this to my TBR. It sounds different. Poor Felicity.

  8. Ooooh… I love the magical aspect entwined throughout this one! It breaks my heart that Felicity feels so alone, I’m glad that Terrance courts her and falls for her in the end!

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