Review: Everlasting Enchantment by Kathryne Kennedy

17344007Everlasting Enchantment
(Relics of Merlin, #4)
By: Kathryne Kennedy
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: Dec. 3, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance

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Sir Gareth Solimere, knight of King Arthur’s Round Table, has been trapped inside Merlin’s relic for centuries, cursed until he finds his one true love. When he finally finds her in the unexpected form of a beautiful were-panther named Millicent Pantere, he has to use all of his charms to try to make her love him in return. But if he manages this feat, will he finally be free to live a normal life?


Millicent has been blackmailed into finding this relic but she has no clue that the relic holds a cursed man inside of it. That is until the bracelet fastens itself onto her wrist and at dusk a man appears. Sir Gareth has been cursed to appear every night to the wearer of the bracelet in hopes that she’s his one true love thus breaking Merlin’s curse. However, Millicent has no desire to sleep with him and has every intention of turning him and the relic over to the man who is holding her friend captive.

I came across the first book in the series a year ago when at a book sale. I really enjoyed the story but just never continued with the series. I was a little worried that I would feel lost picking back up at book #4 but the stories don’t really mix. These are all new characters that we read about and everything is explained as far as the magical world is concerned. So this can be read as a stand-alone or read in a series. It doesn’t really seem to make a difference.

I haven’t read too many Merlin type books but I really enjoyed that there was quite a bit of mention of Merlin in this one. We get background information as to why Merlin made a relic and locked Sir Gereth into it. Personally, I felt like Merlin was justified in his decision… but that’s just me.

The romance was slow building and sweet. At first Sir Gareth is just trying to seduce Millicent to try to break the curse but because she keeps refusing him, he gets to know her and finds himself falling in love with her. The two don’t start out being in love with each other and I think that’s what really drew me in. I loved that they actually built a relationship out of friendship instead of instantly falling into the sheets.

This was a great book that had a mixture of historical and paranormal romance. It also had a bit of mystery since you weren’t quite sure what would happen to Sir Gareth when/if the curse is broken. Does he become mortal at the age that he was cursed or will his age catch up to him leaving him in a pile of dust on the floor? This was definitely a well rounded entertaining read. I will have to go back and read the other books that I skipped in the series to see what else I’ve missed.


1favequote“It had never taken this long to seduce a woman before, and it had frustrated him. And yet today he found himself enjoying the chase.”



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