Review: Exclusively Yours by Shannon Stacey

Exclusively Yours
(Kowalski Family #1)
By: Shannon Stacey
Publisher: Harlequin Press
Published: Dec 20, 2011

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When Keri Daniels’ editor finds out she has previous carnal knowledge of reclusive bestselling author Joe Kowalski, she gives Keri a choice: get an interview or get a new job.

Joe’s never forgotten the first girl to break his heart, so he’s intrigued to hear Keri’s back in town–and looking for him. Despite his intense need for privacy, he’ll grant Keri an interview if it means a chance to finish what they started in high school.

He proposes an outrageous plan–for every day she survives with his family on their annual camping and four-wheeling trip, Keri can ask one question. Keri agrees; she’s worked too hard to walk away from her career.


I thought the book would just be a fluff romance but I had no idea that it would be so funny. Yes, it’s a romance novel and of course they are always predicable but the whole aspect of the Kowalski family was what really pulled it together and set it apart from others. You see, Joe strikes a deal with Keri that for every day she can hack it with his family on their Annual Kowalski vacation, he will answer one of her questions. Family vacation being the keyword. There is mom and pop Kowalski, Joe’s siblings Terry, Kevin and Mike and his wife Lisa. Along with that is Terry’s 12 yr old daughter Stephanie and Mike and Lisa’s four boys Joey (15), Danny (12), Brian (9) and Bobby (6). When you mix it all together you end up with a funny story as well as family drama. I loved how the book didn’t just focus on the romance aspect of Joe and Kari but it also touched base with the other family members problems as well. This is a close knit family and it shows with the way they interact with each other. Bobby was by far the funniest of the whole bunch and he was only 6, but you know young kids, they say the darnedest things. Like when he shots out “Oh yeah? Well you smell like sweaty balls!”

Not only did I like the humor in the book but I liked the family’s camaraderie as well. They all look out for each other and don’t hold anything back. They ride their ATV’s together and play the Annual Kowalski Volleyball Death Match of Doom. Which had some hilarious parts with the father being competitive and yelling for Kari to stop squirming on Joe’s shoulders, pay attention and hit the ball. Then of course when things go sour the family is right there helping pick up the pieces. There really wasn’t a chapter that didn’t include the family in it.

This is a down to earth romance that is easy to relate to. It doesn’t have any glitz and glam or studly perfect men and super model woman. It just has your average Joe fighting for love and a whacky family on the side.

Terry’s estranged husband shows up at the camp grounds and she is watching him and her daughter try to put his tent up. I like this part because it shows how close the family really is.

When two arms came around her shoulder from behind, she knew it was Joe and leaned back against his chest as he asked, “What’s going on here?”
“Keri Daniels is going on here.”
“Evan came to see Keri?”
“No. Your girlfriend talked me into calling his answering machine while he was at work and telling him I miss him.” Dumbest idea ever.
“This is a good thing, then. You called. He came.”
She snorted. “He said he didn’t want to miss his weekend with Steph.”
“You want me to go over there and kick his ass?”
Joe could always make her laugh. “That tent’s doing a good enough job already.”


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