Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning


(Fever, #3)
By: Karen Marie Moning
Publisher: Delecorte Press
Published: Sept 16, 2008
Genre: Urban Fantasy

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He calls me his Queen of the Night. I’d die for him. I’d kill for him, too. When MacKayla Lane receives a torn page from her dead sister’s journal, she is stunned by Alina’s desperate words. And now MacKayla knows that her sister’s killer is close. But evil is closer. And suddenly the sidhe-seer is on the hunt: For answers. For revenge. And for an ancient book of dark magic so evil, it corrupts anyone who touches it.

Mac’s quest for the Sinsar Dubh takes her into the mean, shape-shifting streets of Dublin, with a suspicious cop on her tail. Forced into a dangerous triangle of alliance with V’lane, an insatiable Fae prince of lethally erotic tastes, and Jericho Barrons, a man of primal desires and untold secrets, Mac is soon locked in a battle for her body, mind, and soul.

As All Hallows’ Eve approaches and the city descends into chaos, as a shocking truth about the Dark Book is uncovered, not even Mac can prevent a deadly race of immortals from shattering the walls between worlds—with devastating consequences.

Great continuation of the story. There is a new cop who has taken an interest in Mac and is hell bent on getting the answers he wants. After being attacked by Sidhe-seers, Mac goes to the Abbey to confront Ro. Vlaine tries to be more humanly towards Mac in order to get close to her. We find out that not only do the shade fear Barrons but a Seelie Prince does as well. And there is a group of Druids who is trying to keep all hell from breaking loose on earth.

I like that at the beginning of every book is a prologue that fills you in on the story up to that point. So you don’t technically have to read the previous books because you are filled in but what fun would that be?

This didn’t have a lot of stuff going on with it. We still don’t know WHAT Barrons is. There is really no interaction with LM (Lord Master). However, there is the introduction to new characters. The cop that takes over Mac’s case is seen a lot in the story, Mac and the sidhe-seers have more interaction and Mac finds out that Christian is really a druid who is trying to protect the walls from falling down between our world and the fae world.


Mac makes what she calls a MacHalo which is a helmet that has flashlights strapped to it to keep the fae “shades” away from her. She is in the living quarters of the bookstore blasting music, mock fighting/dancing and singing along when she notices Barrons standing in the doorway watching her. When she turns her back to Barrons to turn off the music she hears him snort.

“When I heard a choked sound behind me I spun, and shot him a hostile glare. He wore his usual expression of arrogance and boredom. I resumed my path for the sound dock, and heard it again. This time when I turned back, the corners of his mouth were twitching. I stared at him until they stopped. I reached the sound dock, and just turned it off, when he exploded.
I whirled. “I didn’t look that funny”, I snapped.
His shoulders shook.
“Oh, come on! Stop it!”
He cleared his throat and stopped laughing. Then his gaze too a quick dart upward, fixed on my blazing MacHalo, and he lost it again.”

-It is probably the first time that Barrons has ever really laughed so far.



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3 Thoughts on “Review: Faefever by Karen Marie Moning

  1. This is one of my all time favorite series. Barrons is *the* alpha male for me. No one else comes close. I hope you love the series as much as I do!

  2. I always see Karen’s name around but I am still yet ot read her books. I really like that there’s a prologue at the beginning, so if you haven’t read the previous books you could just start with this one!

  3. This is my favorite series ever, hands down. The moments when Barrons laughs are probably some of my favorites. I’m glad you liked it, and fabulous review!

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