Review: Highland Hellion by Mary Wine

Highland Hellion
(Highland Weddings #3)
by Mary Wine
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: June 6, 2017
Genre: Historical Romance


Illegitimate daughter of an English earl… Abducted to Scotland at age 14… No family, no reputation… No rules


Heir to an honorable Highland laird… Can’t believe how well tomboy Kate can fight… About to learn how much of a woman she really is

Scotland is seething with plots, the vengeful Gordons are spoiling for a fight, and the neighboring clans are at each other’s throats. All it takes is a passionate hellion with a penchant for reckless adventure to ignite the Highlands once more.




My thoughts…

I love a good Highland romance. Especially when the female isn’t some wilting idiot. With a title like Highland Hellion and a girl wielding a sword on the cover, I knew I was in for a lot of fun with this story. Kat was simply out of control. She was kidnapped as a young teen, taken to Scotland, traded off to be married to some old dude, found herself instead being adopted by her would-have-been husband, and trained in the ways of fighting. Actually, she disguised herself as a boy and trained with the other boys at the keep. So, to say that Kat was a handful is an understatement. She’s not just some headstrong female, she doesn’t see herself as a female at all. She finds her sex to be a handicap and enjoys the freedom that the guys get. Yeah, Kat gets into a lot of trouble in this book.

I thought Rolfe and Kat were great together. They were both headstrong characters who wouldn’t go down without a fight. Sure, sometimes they were their own worst enemy and would dig themselves in holes, but that made the story interesting. I liked that the author didn’t write their romance as a back and forth sort of thing. Instead, these two pretty much realize their attraction from the start and it builds from there.

I will say that I have not read the previous two books in this series but I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The author does a great job catching the reader up to not only Kat’s past, but Rolfe’s as well. So while Rolfe and Kat were characters in previous books, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

Highland Hellion was a fun read. There’s a few suspenseful moments that left me wondering if they were going to make it out unscathed and what would ultimately become of these two characters. However, there wasn’t anything really new to this story that I haven’t read before. Nothing really stood out to me or set it apart from other Highlander romances I’ve read. It’s still an enjoyable read though.



Favorite part…

Katherine has never run a place before, let alone cooked but since marrying Rolfe, she’s been trying to improve and become the Lady. Every day she practices her cooking skills and serves her father-in-law (a man who’s really unhappy with the fact that his daughter-in-law is English) and every day he refuses to eat what she brings him by pushing it off the table and onto the floor.

“Rolfe snorted against her ear. ‘Aye. Do I want to know why his hounds are vomiting in front of the hearth?’
‘I  am improving,” she offered. ‘Last month they wouldn’t eat it at all. The maid had to scoop it up.’
‘I see.’ Her husband was choking on his amusement. ‘Planning to wear him down?’





15 Thoughts on “Review: Highland Hellion by Mary Wine

  1. I’ve been wanting to try this series 🙂

  2. “I love a good Highland romance. Especially when the female isn’t some wilting idiot. ”

    And that’s what motivated me to add this book to my reading list! Fun review 🙂

  3. I think I read another review for this last week. It sounds really enjoyable!

    For What It’s Worth

  4. Popping in from the get social event.Added you to our following list.Happy Reading! Joelle from Angels with Attitude Book Reviews.

    Love this author !

  5. I want to read this one. LOVE the cover and just the overall sound of this book. You have moved this one up the want list! 😀

  6. I love Highland tales! Sounds like a fun one! #getsocal17

  7. I used to read historical romance but my go to genre is PNR these days. Even so this does sound like a good book. Oh and I love the name of your blog. #getsocial17

  8. This sounds pretty good, but it’s been a long while since I’ve read any historicals. Great review, and the name of your blog is very cool! Hugs… #Getsocial17

  9. Visiting with #getsocial17 event.

    I have recently started reading historicals and highland stories. In fact, I’m starting The Highland Duke by Amy Jarecki today! This book sounds awesome, too. Yea!

  10. Good strong female characters are always a good thing 🙂

  11. I love this cover.


    Kim ~ Read Your Writes Book Reviews

  12. lol I looked at the cover and thought “Wonder Woman!” So glad that tough female heroines are popular!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  13. I love a good Highlander romance myself, particularly when the heroine is kickass. 😉 I’m glad this one was enjoyable despite being #3 in the series AND not being anything “new”. Wine is an author I’ve always meant to check out so I’ll have to see if my library carries this series. 🙂

  14. Ths is the second review I have read for this book. I love Highlander romance, I think I will check this one out. #getsocial17

    Totally Addicted to Reading

  15. I love a good Highland romance as well… but I feel your pain on it not being anything new. So many of these are running together these days. The only one that is really standing out in my mind from the last year was by Kerrigan Byrne, and maybe Highland Spy by Victoria Roberts.


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