Review: How to Run with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

17339558How to Run with a Naked Werewolf
(Naked Werewolf, #3)
By: Molly Harper
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Dec. 31, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Down, Boy

Anna Moder has just witnessed a shooting, seen her car pulverized, and rescued a wounded stranger only to discover he’s really a werewolf. And by her recent standards, things are actually looking up. Lycanthropes don’t faze Anna. Doctoring a wolf pack outside Grundy, Alaska, is the closest thing to home life she’s known in years. But hitching a ride to Anchorage with long-absent pack member Caleb Graham that’s a risk. Part of her itches to whack his nose with a newspaper. The rest is trying unsuccessfully to keep her own paws off every delicious inch of him.

The problem is, Caleb employs his lupine tracking abilities as a notquite-legal bounty hunter, and Anna is suspicious of both him and his profession. On the run from her past, with old problems closing in, she’d like to stay far, far away from anybody with connections to the law. Caleb, however, seems determined to keep her close. Are his intentions noble, or is he working a more predatory angle?

Anna’s been dreaming of returning to a semi-normal life, but now she’s experiencing a strange new urge . . . to join Caleb in running with the wolves.


1thoughtsThis was an interesting story. Anna’s been on the run from her husband for a while now. She’s learned to become resourceful and it also helps that she has a doctorate degree. So she’s been able to blend into the crowd and find jobs every time she’s moved. However, no matter how bad she wants to remain anonymous among the crowd, she can’t stand by and watch someone get killed. Little does she know that the guy she’s saving is a werewolf. A werewolf who’s also a bounty hunter.

“I was the ass-backward Red Riding Hood.”

I liked that Anna had previous experiences with werewolves and doesn’t take long to warm up to the fact that Caleb is one. In fact, she knows it the night she saves his life. She was a pretty strong character who had been beaten down enough and wasn’t going to take it anymore. She’s not only not scared of Caleb but she also isn’t intimidated by him to obey his every command. She ends up being quite the asset to Caleb and his work.

Caleb is a werewolf, so you expect some sort of possessiveness when it comes to Anna. However, his character was also consistent. He didn’t go from alpha male to whimpering pansy all because he found his mate. Nope, he stayed the same throughout the book and I really enjoyed it.

This was a great continuation of the story. You could technically read this one as a stand alone. I have only read the first in the series and jumped right to this one and had no problems following along. Granted, some of the characters from the first book come into play towards the end of this book, but the majority of the story focuses on Anna and Caleb. Maybe Anna played a roll in the last book? She definitely had a connection to the people from the original book so who knows. Either way, this is a great series for any paranormal romance lover.


1favequote“Note to self: Stop making comparisons between Dog the Bounty Hunger and Caleb. He wouldn’t find them amusing, and I couldn’t stop picturing Caleb with a libido-killing haircut. Also, I liked to think I was above calling him Wolf the Bounty Hunter – even behind his back.”


One Thought on “Review: How to Run with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

  1. Ooo love the series. I really want to re-read the first two before jumping into this one but might just have to go for it. And gotta say I’m loving her name. lol

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