Review: Knight of Hearts by Suzie Quint

Knight of Hearts
(McKnight Romance #2)
By: Suzie Quint
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Published: Nov 3, 2011
Genre: Romance

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They have a deal: Rachel will teach the newly divorced Mac to date again, and he’ll accompany her to her brother’s wedding. Seems like a straight forward trade, but when Mac decides the kisses he wants can only be found on Rachel’s lips, he sabotages all her efforts to find him another woman.

Rachel’s never met a man more inept at meeting women. If he’s not sharing inappropriate information, he’s hitting them with the worst come-on lines she’s ever heard. The man can’t even do a decent Texas Two-Step. If she didn’t need a date to her brother’s wedding so desperately…



Yes, you have heard the story before where a woman hires a guy to go to a wedding with her and they end up falling in love. However, what those stories lack that this one doesn’t is depth. I thought I knew where this book was going but halfway through the book not only is the wedding done and over with but the author throws you a curve-ball that leaves your mouth gaping wide open. It is at that point that the story gets even more interesting and sucks you in. I couldn’t believe how much work the author put into her characters. You understand their personalities and not only that but you feel for them. I was simply blown away by this book. I thought it would be an average romance read but it went above and beyond what I imagined.

I LOVED Mac. I thought he was hilarious with all of his corny pick up lines of “Hey, Sexy. Wanna get naked with me?” and “Can I see your tan lines?”. But I also loved his dedication to get back out there after a 15 year marriage and get back on the dating horse. He would get turned down left and right by woman but he still kept at it with Rachel’s guidance.

And Rachel. Where do I begin with that little fire cracker. She’s bossy and has to be in control of everything. She has enough siblings to be in the remake of cheaper by the dozen (cowboy style) and she is the second oldest in the sea of brothers. However, halfway through she cracks her facade and the results are devastating. I just wanted to reach through the pages and give the woman a hug.

The story is great. It is your normal tale of two people who are trying to get over a hurdle in their life and find companionship with each other. But the author didn’t take the easy fluff route in telling the story and that is why I loved it. She took an average story and turned it into something more.

Mac goes to an adult store to pick up condoms and is overwhelmed by not only the variety but the fact that they come in sizes as well. The girl behind the register comes over to help him and has him close his eyes and feel the various dildos in order to judge which size he would need. When he tells Rachel how he obtained the condoms it takes everything she has not to laugh at the story.
“The image of Mac standing in front of a selection of penises, like a witness picking a criminal out of a line-up, was more than Rachel could bear with a straight face.”


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