Review: M-Day by D.T. Dyllin

(M-Day, #1)
By: D.T. Dyllin
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Published: Jan. 7, 2013
Genre: Dystopian Erotic Romance

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Before the day… before M-day… people used to read books and watch movies about zombies. They used to dress up as zombies; pretend to kill zombies… Basically, zombies had become a part of popular culture in a very unexpected way.

The highly anticipated zombie apocalypse never came.

What did come was much worse than any city over run with shambling corpses after brains and flesh. A virus… a virus that only affected men. Nobody knew what caused it, or where it had come from, not that it really mattered. It’s here and there’s no going back.

Maxine was one of the lucky ones–she got out alive. She and her friends banded together to survive the new desolate conditions left behind by the virus. When a supply gathering mission goes awry, Max and company are left with no better choice than to trust a group of uninfected military men. No longer on the run from her infected husband, Max discovers there could be worse dangers for her on the horizon… Like losing her heart to her mysterious savior everyone calls Zee.



Imagine a post apocalyptic world where instead of reanimated flesh eating corpses there are crazed men. Men who’s not only senses are amped up but have just their basic primal urges. This isn’t your normal zombie story, this is M-day.

I must admit that I’m not a huge reader of dystopian novels. Especially when it comes to zombies. So when I saw that D.T. was writing a post apocalyptic novel I thought “zombie?! Esh!”. Yeah, they really freak me out. However, I was glad that the book has nothing to do with flesh eating  zombies. Instead we get a bunch of steroid idiots running around causing havoc. Okay, so maybe they aren’t  on steroids but sometimes they reminded me of someone with roid rage. So I was quite happy that there weren’t any real zombies walking around in this book.

D.T. took your typical “military looking for suped up soldiers” story and turned it into an erotic tale. The men who are infected not only have heightened senses but they have an incredibly high libido with no morals to balance it out. So yeah, just let that stew for a minute and you will get the picture. It was definitely a new and refreshing take on a popular theme. But this isn’t just a dystopian erotic romance… there is a lot of grit to it. I found myself on more than one occasion cringing on behalf of Max. I mean, this world that she lives in is messed up and there isn’t really any hope of things going back to normal.

If you’re looking for something dark with an erotic twist that this would be right up your alley. This definitely isn’t a feel-good romance. You well be horrified and disgusted at some point, I can almost guarantee it. If you weren’t than the author wasn’t doing her job because post apocalyptic (in my mind) is supposed to be horrifying and she hit the nail on the head.


1favequote“Don’t call me baby, Maxi, Maxi baby, or any other combination of those. Besides Maxi is a kind of pad not a name.”


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