Review: Mistle Text by Whitney Dineen, Melanie Summers

Mistle Text: ‘Twas the Text Before Christmas
(An Accidentally in Love Story #5)
by Whitney Dineen, Melanie Summers
Publisher: ‎ 33 Partners & Indigo Group
Publication date: Sept. 19, 2021
Genre: Holiday Romance

Twas the text before Christmas…

Twenty-eight-year-old Holly Snow is the only mother her four-year-old niece remembers. Three years earlier, when her sister and brother-in-law were killed, Holly’s dream of becoming an international flight attendant was put on hold so she could be home for baby Faith. Holly is doing everything she can to keep the rent paid, including working as an online travel agent, filing medical claims, and cleaning apartments in her building. When her friend Maggie tells her that her boss needs someone to buy his Christmas gifts, she leaps at the opportunity.

Tall, dark and Scroogy, investment banker, Archibald Harrington is too busy to do his own Christmas shopping. When his assistant tells him she knows of a professional shopper, he happily checks another dreaded task off his holiday list. The last thing Archie is expecting is for his hired elf to text him insistently to find out more about the people on list. The last thing Holly expects is to develop feelings for grumpy man who’s stealing her Christmas spirit.

Will there be a Holiday miracle, or will Holly and Archie miss their chance at love? Find out in the fifth installment of the Accidentally in Love Series.


This is a super cute holiday romance. Holly has had a really rough life. Her father passed away when she was younger, her mom got early onset dementia and had to be put in a home, and just as Holly was finally getting her life in order, her sister and brother-in-law are killed in a car accident, leaving her the guardian of her 2 yr old niece. Now, three years later, she is still trying to make ends meet by doing odd jobs that give flexible hours. Which is how she ends up being a millionaire’s personal shopper for the holidays. However, a simple shopping job turns into more when her boss asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend so that he can look good in front of the CEO of the company any maybe get that big promotion to take over the company when they retire.

Like I said, this was a heartwarming story. Not only because of Holly’s situation, but also because you start to see Archie’s hard business exterior start to crack the more he is around Holly and Faith. He immediately notices Holly’s threadbare coat that barely keeps her warm and Faith’s excitement at the possibility of eating at an “actual restaurant”. I mean, it’s not hard to put the pieces together. So he starts doing little things for them. For instance, having his driver stop at a super fancy, reservation only restaurant that Faith said she’s always wanted to go to, simply because he was famished and wanted to stop to eat before dropping them off home. Or getting them a whole new wardrobe for every season of the year because he needs the two of them to look the part when they meet his boss. You know, because a simple outfit or two would simply not do. It was just the small things that he did that really made your heart melt for the guy.

I also really liked the side characters. Between Holly’s friend (who got her the shopping gig) and Holly’s neighbor (who has been looking out for her and Faith since they moved in), it was easy to fall into their world. There was just so much love and friendship that it just put you that instant “feel good” mood. Then you add in Faith’s zero lack of filter and her quick wit around b.s., and the swooning romance, and you have the perfect holiday romance.

This was just such a fun and adorable story to read. I’m not normally one to read holiday romances, but I’ve been in the mood for them lately, and this one immediately caught my eye. It was a great way to kick off my holiday reading. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a cute holiday romance.

2 Thoughts on “Review: Mistle Text by Whitney Dineen, Melanie Summers

  1. Always good to discover those adorable holiday reads. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. It’s great when the side characters are great too.

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