Review: Mr. Bride: Vol 2 by Natsumi Shiba

Mr. Bride
Vol. 2
By: Natsumi Shiba
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication date: Aug. 31, 2021
Genre: Romance Manga

At 26 years old, Hayami is four years into her career as a saleswoman. She’s an ace when it comes to her work, but at home she becomes a massive slob. It just so happens that Yamamoto-kun, her junior who carries a bit of a torch for her, is a pro at housework! As he starts to look after her, she makes a proposal: “Will you be my wife?” Thus begins their life together as housemates. As Yamamoto-kun puts on the pressure, Hayami is completely oblivious to her feelings. Will they end up nothing more than ships passing in the night…?! Keep an eye out for a new character appearing in this volume!



My thoughts…

In this volume, Yamamoto-kun and Hayami are finding that the line between pretend and real are getting blurred. We already know that Yamamoto-kun has feelings for Hayami. I mean, it’s the whole reason why he decided to become her “wife”. Wife meaning he cooks and cleans for Hayami. Which, if you ask me is kind of stupid and sexist, but… I digress. In this volume we see that Hayami is starting to develop feelings for Yamamoto-kun and she’s unsure of how to react to it all.

So far, I am really enjoying this manga. Aside from the fact that they all refer to him as the wife, simply because he’s the roommate that cooks and cleans is a bit annoying. I do find the manga as a whole enjoyable and like seeing that awkward interaction between the two of them as they navigate their blossoming relationship. I’m looking forward to starting the 3rd volume to see if they finally talk about their feelings or if they still try to keep that line drawn.

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