Review: N-Day by DT Dyllin

(M-Day, #3)
By: DT Dyllin
Publisher: Tik Tok Press
Release Date: April 27, 2015
Genre: Dystopian Dark Romance

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Isabelle Jenkins has always been a sucker for romance…in love with love. Despite the advent of M-Day, she found her place beside Brandon, a scientist looking for a cure to the virus that causes I-Men. When Brandon is ripped away from her, Izzy is forced to face the reality that maybe she’s been living her life in a bubble of denial.

After her loss, Izzy decides that it’s time for a brand new life. No longer will she be stupid and weak… No longer will the belief in love weaken her. But her new life brings an uninfected man who has different plans for her. Will Ty be able to break past the walls Izzy has erected? Or will Izzy decide taking a second chance at love isn’t worth the risk of losing it again?


1thoughts“I don’t know who I am anymore. I used to be so sure… I was the girl who believed in romance, in destiny, in true love… right up until the day the man I loved was blown to pieces right in front of me. My life wasn’t supposed to go that way. I used to feel sorry for my friends, thinking they missed out because they wouldn’t let themselves appreciate the beauty in the small things since the advent of M-Day. I’d been wrong, there is no beauty left in this world. Only death, pain, and misery still exist. And revenge. Revenge was what kept me going…thriving.”

Izzy has been with Evo and Max for a while now. She’s traveled with them and seen what this virus does. Heck, her boyfriend was a scientist who was trying to figure out how the virus mutates and if there is a way to create a cure. She kinda has her head in the clouds considering the chaos going on around her. That is, until the day her boyfriend’s head gets blown off. So in N-Day, we meet the new Izzy. Izzy has decided that she will will no longer be the Izzy that everyone knows. That girl died along with her boyfriend, Brandon. She chopped off her beautiful blond hair and dyed it the ugliest red she could find in an abandoned convenient store. She no longer dreams of happily ever afters or a prince charming coming to save her. Life is not a fairytale or some romance novel. She will no longer be the weakest link. Nyx is a new woman. A woman with revenge on her mind and no care whether she lives or dies trying to take out as many I-Men as she can.

Since we meet Nyx/Izzy in the previous books, I got a better understanding of how she just snapped. She really was a little naive in the previous books. So when her world comes crashing down around her, she kinda goes a little suicidal with her need to prove that she can take care of business like everyone else. The only problem is, everyone else is sort of infected themselves and have suped-up abilities. Which leaves only one option for Nyx, become infected herself without losing her self to the virus.

Ty was a great character as well. He pops in the scene when he comes across Nyx being reckless. He immediately takes a liking to her and tries to charm his way closer to her. Which of course doesn’t work. However, he bides his time and helps Nyx try to pick up the pieces that her boyfriend left behind with finding a cure for the virus. He goes through so much in this story and I’m surprised he didn’t snap like Nyx did. Instead, he remained this constant optimistic character even in the light of everything going on. He was a breath of fresh air for leading male characters. He was definitely not some pumped up alpha male stereotype.

There is a lot that goes on in this story. Obviously with Ty, comes some new characters that pop up. There’s also an old character that comes back as well. The addition of characters really ramped up the suspense factor since there were more people to keep an eye on. I also liked that the virus is mutating and changing depending on it’s host. I don’t want to give too much away but lets just say that two new side-effects pop up in this novel and it’s pretty cool.

This series isn’t for everyone though. There is gore, death, mention of rape, and just all around chaos. This is not a dystopian romance fluff piece. The author writes some pretty gnarly scenes. Which is probably why I really like it. The gruesome stuff doesn’t get passed over, we get how horrible their world really is. We understand right off the bat how terrifying it is to be uninfected and unprotected out there. If you are looking for a dark dystopian romance, than you should definitely pick up this series. You will not be disappointed.



“Yes, because telling me you’re going to cut off half of my legs doens’t make you sound like an insane elf of some sort? Or maybe you’re part leprechaun? The lore always said they’re vicious little creatures.”



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8 Thoughts on “Review: N-Day by DT Dyllin

  1. Hmmmm! You have me curious. I don’t think I’ve seen these before.

    • This is by far my favorite series from this author. She’s written some shifter romances both NA and adult but this mix of dark scifi erotic romance draws me in.

  2. I’ve only read one dystpoic erotic romance (Kit Rocha), didn’t like it. Maybe this one will fare better, I do like Dylin’s writing.

    • I haven’t read Kit Rocha so I can’t compare them but I do like this series. It’s not a fluff piece but it’s not completely dark that leaves you wondering how anyone could enjoy it. I’ve read those types of books… didn’t care for them. This one is a perfect mix of romance, dark elements with the dystopian feel of M-Day, and humor mixed in.

  3. I’d never heard of that series before but I’m interested, thanks for sharing (If I met the guy on the cover in a dark alley, I’d probably run, though !)

    • Wha?! You mean you wouldn’t run up to him and cuddle him? Psssh Red, you crazy! Actually this dude is my least favorite on the cover. I wasn’t even a fan of the chick until I read in the book that the author described her to a tee and the reasoning behind it makes sense. So I could get over the crappy hair-do. You should check out the guys on the previous two covers… much better. My personal fave is the guy on M-Day’s cover.

  4. This is new to me but I’m intrigued. I like dark romances so maybe I’ll give this series a try. Great review.

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