Review: Nobody’s Hero by Kallypso Masters

22091372Nobody’s Hero
(Rescue Me Saga, #2)
By: Kallypso Masters
Publisher: Self-Published
Published: Sept. 29, 2011
Genre: Erotica

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Retired Marine Master Sergeant Adam Montague has battled through four combat zones, but now finds himself retreating from Karla Paxton, who has declared war on his heart. With a significant age difference, he feels he should be her guardian and protector, not her lover. But Karla’s knack for turning up in his bed at inopportune times is killing his resolve to do the right thing. Karla isn’t the young girl he rescued nine years earlier—something his body reminds him of every chance it gets.

Their age difference is only part of the problem. Fifty-year-old Adam has been a collector of lost and vulnerable souls most of his life, but a secret he has run from for more than three decades has kept him emotionally unable to admit love for anyone. Will Karla be able to break through the defenses around his heart and help him put the ghosts from his past to rest? In her all-out war to get Adam to surrender his heart, will the strong-willed Goth singer offer herself as his submissive and, if so, at what cost to herself?



The story I’ve been waiting for has finally come. From the prequel, I was immediately drawn to Adam and Karla’s story. Nine years ago Master Sergeant Adam Montague was sitting in a bus station waiting for his bus to arrive when he noticed the teenaged girl sitting across from him starting to be harassed by a pimp. The guy wouldn’t leave the poor girl alone and when it looked like the girl was in trouble, Adam had had enough and fought off the pimp and his friends. To make a long story short, Karla has had this hero worship thing for Adam since that day. So 9 years later when Karla shows up at his club’s front door auditioning to be the club’s singer, Adam is taken back. She’s not the little girl that he remembers and Karla is doing everything she can to make sure he realizes that.

“She only wanted to get close to him because of her damned hero worship – in spite of his doing his damnedest to keep her away.”

In Nobody’s Hero we pick up right where Nobody’s Angel left off. (No you can’t just jump into this book, you have to go in order) Adam’s in the hospital after being attacked by a cougar while on a… I guess you could say search and rescue mission. The accident is what pushes Karla over the edge and she’s determined to show Adam that she’s not a little girl anymore and to give them a chance. So, Adam comes up with a plan, he’ll agree to play along but they will have a Master/slave relationship. Meaning, he will be in control 24/7 of everything she does, wears and says. His hope is that this will freak her out enough to use her safe-word and she’ll finally learn he’s not the man for her and move on. Only, it doesn’t work out that way and soon Adam finds himself in over his head.

“If Karla had declared war on his heart earlier tonight, then she’d just now entered the occupation phase of her campaign. Not just of his bed, but occupation of that cold place inside his chest he’s vowed to never let anyone in. They didn’t make tactics charts to deal with this kind of combat.”

I really enjoyed their story. I found it to be a bit long and drawn out in some places which really took away from the story for me but as a whole, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the rest of the series. There is a good amount of backbone to this erotica. It’s not just all sex, but I’m not going to lie, the sex is good. I liked that you got a feel for the characters and the story didn’t just revolve around the two main characters but also included a mix of others as well as various points of interest between the two MCs. For instance, Adam not only has to deal with Karla but his late wife and his childhood past. Meanwhile, things happen with the other characters of Master At Arms and Adam and Karla find themselves helping out their friends and family. So even though a lot of the story is about Karla trying to get Adam to open up to her, there is a lot of other things that take place as well. Like I said, I will definitely be keeping up with this series.


1favequote“Ah, just what every man dreamed of, having a sexy woman lying in his arms laughing hysterically – at him. The very least he wanted to know was what she found so fucking funny.” -Adam


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8 Thoughts on “Review: Nobody’s Hero by Kallypso Masters

  1. I don’t think I’ve read a romance where characters have a different age, but I admit this one sounds good! I see I have to read the previous books to get to this one :s but maybe I will, it’s so difficult lately to find a good romance!


    BTW, your blog, as always, looks great! I love that it looks ‘clean’ and organized! I really like this kind of simple layouts đŸ™‚ #bloggiesta

    • Thanks. đŸ™‚ I’m definitely one for the simpler layouts. Too much clutter gives me a headache.
      If anything you would want to read the novella that introduces the two characters and their background before reading this book.

    • Thanks for the lovely review, Kristin! And, Gaby, I make it really easy to start at the beginning. Book One is FREE and is actually what used to be two standalone books (no longer available as standalones). The title is MASTERS AT ARMS & NOBODY’S ANGEL and Adam and Karla’s romance is throughout that book, too. This is a saga where the characters don’t stay confined within the pages of one book. For buy links, new/current covers, and the reading order to date (just released book 6 yesterday!), go to Enjoy!

  2. I read the first 4 I think of these? The intro novella was my favorite. So nicely done. Glad you’re enjoying them Kristin!

    • The intro was my favorite too. I think maybe because if followed a bunch of people at once instead of just one couple at a time? I don’t know but I’m looking forward to reading more from the series.

  3. Thanks, Anna! I used to have introduction (actually, not a novella because I can’t write short, so it’s a 58,000-word novel) and the 117k-word Nobody’s Angel separate as 1 and 2, but now they’re combined as #1. Confusing, I know.

    Also, not all of them are erotic romance, but ALL are romance. I call them Contemporary Romance for Adults because when there is sex, it’s pretty darned hot usually. But it’s always appropriate to the characters, so Luke and Cassie’s book (Nobody’s Dream #6) is vastly different from Adam & Karla’s (Nobody’s Hero #2). But I’d get bored if all the books in the series had the same heat level and basically the same stories with new names.

    Kristin, glad you enjoy the presence of more than just one couple per book because my characters do NOT solve their problems in a happily ever after ending and then fade away only to be seen in cameos. And this is a “family” now, so the saga brings in other characters all the time as the journey continues. I’ll probably continue to write these books for as long as I can write, although I do plan to do some spinoff series so that I don’t wind up with 30+ books in the same series.

    Thanks so much for sharing your love of this book, Kristin!


  4. Mmm, I’ve got the first 2, I’m looking forward to reading them đŸ™‚

    • Hope you enjoy them, Red! Thanks for reading in order. It’s a saga and characters recur in each other’s books in much more than “cameo” appearances. I believe Happily Ever After is just the beginning, not “the end.” The series will continue forever (as long as I’m writing, anyway) but I bring closure to each book for one or more couples.



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