Review: Severane by Shawn Kirsten Maravel

(Volition, #2)
By: Shawn Kirsten Maravel
Publisher: Self-published
Published: June 28, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Severance is the bone-chilling, adrenaline-filled sequel to Volition. Charlotte finds herself hoping against reason that her life couldn’t really have taken the devastating turn that it has. With Joel still dangerously out of the picture, and no signs that he may ever come back, she finds herself up against an even more dangerous threat. A sexy and cunning threat that is bound to tear what she has always known to be her reality down for good.

When things finally start to look up, another curve-ball is thrown her way, promising to give her what she’d hoped for since meeting Joel, an answer it seems that came a little too late. What Charlotte thought she’d once known to be the truth filters through her fingers, leaving her to believe that her world and the afterworld are much more tangled than she’d originally expected. She comes to find that love and lust are no longer the sole deciders of her fate, but revenge. A lifetime of secrets unfold and Charlotte discovers that Joel hasn’t been the only one watching over her all of these years.


Great sequel to Volition. I will admit that I usually get bored with a series and find myself not interested in sequels but this one had me wrapped around it’s finger from the beginning. I didn’t read the books back to back so I was happy to see that the author refreshed our memories on what happened in a way that didn’t feel like a rehashing of the previous story.

The story starts off with Joel in a coma. He saved Charlotte’s life by jumping in front of a bullet that was intended for her. He thankfully comes to, but finds that since being shot, things are different. Not only is his outlook on life changed but the relationship between the two of them has been altered as well. (sorry no spoilers!) While Joel and Charlotte come to turns with the changes, they must keep their wits about them because the person behind the shooting is still out there.

This was a great story with twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and they take place all throughout the story, even at the very last paragraph. Which I must say, kills me! Shawn ended the story in a way that gives you the impression that this is the end of the story but leaves some things open for your imagination. I found the story highly entertaining and found myself putting the real world on hold just to finish it. Like I said from the beginning, this isn’t generally my subject of choice when it comes to paranormal romance but I really enjoyed the story and look forward to more work from the author.


“All these years… I was the silent and ever present figure in your life… but you. You’ve always been the meaning of mine.” -Joel

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One Thought on “Review: Severane by Shawn Kirsten Maravel

  1. I love when sequels tell us just enough to refresh our memory without boring us.

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