Review: Summer’s Journey by Summer Daniels

Summer’s Journey
(Volume One: Losing Control)
By: Summer Daniels
Publisher: Self-published
Published: July 31, 2011
Genre: True Romance/Erotica

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Fortyish, newly divorced, searching and longing for something different. Something fulfilling and exciting, somewhere far outside my ordinary comfort zone.

Come with me on my journey of discovery. Explore with me. Touch, taste and feel with me.

Lots more to come following my introduction to you in this first volume of a multi-part True Romance / Erotica series.



After her divorce, Summer places a dating add online and winds up finding herself on a date with Mark. He comes up with an interesting website for Summer that basically says that he wants Summer to relinquish all control for the dates to him and that she opens herself up to him and trust him. The ending of the book is really just the beginning of the story.

I loved the writing of this book. You get the sense of realism in the way that the author writes. It is almost as if you are reading a journal. My one and only complaint is how short it is. Just when the story started getting really interesting… it ended. I cannot wait until the following volumes to see what happens next.

Right after Summer meets Mark for the first time and he tells her how in order for them to continue she needs to allow him to control everything and make her fantasies come true and he walks out of the bar refusing her offer to get a room upstairs. This is Summer’s reaction…
“I’m sure that I probably could have caught flies in my gaping mouth as I sat there stunned that Mark had gotten up and left. The longer I sat there, the angrier I got. ‘How dare he leave me sitting here alone.’ I thought. ‘How dare he turn me down! What kind of man turns down an offer like the one I gave him? I’m wearing a thong for this?!!'”


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