Review: The F List by Alessandra Torre

The F List
by Alessandra Torre
Publisher: Self-published
Publication date: April 29, 2020
Genre: Romance

There was a lot I did to get to this point, to get 42 million followers. Some of it I was proud of, most of it I wasn’t.

There was a group of us, all internet celebrities, and everyone wanted in, which is how six of us ended up living in this mansion, a camera always on, the public always watching. Two months and nine carefully scripted TV episodes that would get us more of the three F’s we were desperately chasing.

Fame. Fortune. Followers.

I knew my role. I was Emma, the unlikeable one. The dark villain with the devious smile. The package of dynamite that would blow up any chance of peaceful living and harmony.

Cash knew his role. He was the good guy. The lovable one. The one that everyone, even the darkest cast member of them all, would fall in love with.

They were supposed to just be roles.
None of it was supposed to be real.

My heart didn’t get that memo.



Emma always wanted to be famous. She had planned on becoming an actress, but since she can’t act… well that went out the window. So instead, she got a full makeover, changed her name, and took to the internet to become a celebrity. She’s been paired with other low list celebrities who have more followers than her in order to get her name out there. She’s talked trash on her vlog to generate buzz. Basically, if it will get her more likes and follows, she’s there. So, when she’s approached to do a “reality” show with other low list celebrities, she signs up. The only bad part is that her long time crush, and the guy who despises her will also be in the show.

This was an interesting story. Emma is not known for being nice. In fact, she’s known for being the opposite. It’s something she’s branded and she plays the role well. However, that’s exactly what it is, a role. She’s wanted to become famous all her life, so when she finally gets the chance to change her life, she takes it. A good half of the story is of Emma’s rise to fame and how her and Cash ended up on bad terms. Getting to see her rise to internet fame was by far the most interesting part of the book.

For the second half of the story we follow Emma and Cash as they live in this Big Brother style house. However, instead of being able to just coexist with the other members of the house, they are given daily scripts that basically tell them what they want their characters to do for the day. Nothing is genuine, and pretty soon the producer starts to cause ripples. One thing that I enjoyed about this book was that between chapters we got quotes from what I’m guessing what a magazine that was published after the show aired. Quotes from the producers, crew members, chefs, you name it. It pretty much set the tone for how alien this whole thing was.

This was a very interesting story. It’s not often that you read a story where the heroine is not necessarily the good guy. She wasn’t perfect, chosen, or popular. In fact, she got where she was by complaining online and being in everyone’s faces. However, with everything she does, you can always tell it’s just an act. So you never really hate her because of that. I just really enjoyed this story and thought it was great.



4 Thoughts on “Review: The F List by Alessandra Torre

  1. This is third great review I have seen for this book. I may make it my first Torre book.

  2. does sound interesting
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. This does sound like it would be a good book.

  4. Interesting – because I don’t know if I could consider her being a jerk just an act means she’s not like that – because you’re still mean to people to climb the ladder. Curious how she wins you over. Or at least accept her for who she is.

    Karen @ For What’ It’s Worth

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