Review: The Last King by Katee Robert

The Last King
(The Kings #1)
by Katee Robert
Publisher: Forever
Publication date: April 3, 2018
Genre: Romance


Beckett King just inherited his father’s fortune, his company-and all his enemies. If he’s going to stay on top, he needs someone he can trust beside him. And though they’ve been rivals for years, there’s no one he trusts more than Samara Mallick.

The rebel. That’s how Samara has always thought of Beckett. And he’s absolutely living up to his unpredictable ways when he strides into her office and asks for help. She can’t help wondering if it’s a legit request or just a ploy to get her into bed. Not that she’d mind either one. After all, she likes to live on the edge too.

But soon the threats to the King empire are mounting, and the two find family secrets darker than they ever imagined and dangerous enough to get them both killed.




The Last King was not all that I thought it would be. Based off of the synopsis I thought I was getting a romance between to rivals/enemies, and while that is true, there’s so much more to it than that. Right from the start these two heat up the pages. So much so that I kind of felt disconnected from it all. Like, maybe this was a spin-off and these two have history I should know about. However, the beginning acts as more of a prelude to the series itself, which is when pieces started to fall in place for me.

I really like that even though this is a romance, there was a lot of suspense and mystery involved. Someone is gunning for Beckett, and it became crystal clear that they wanted him out of the picture for good in order to get their hands on his company. All fingers point to his estranged aunt who was shunned by her family when she was younger, but is it really her or is someone else looking to take over the family business? Poor Beckett just lost his father, and is now, all of a sudden, dodging attacks left and right. I was always wondering when the next shoe was going to drop.

The relationship between these two characters was explosive. There was clearly a lot of chemistry there, but they worked for opposing companies. Beckett ran the family business, and Samara worked for his estranged aunt. So, it was understandable that Samara fought the attraction and relationship, because she wasn’t willing to put her career at stake over a guy. However, I loved that Beckett was persistent and that they were able to find a balance in the end because these two were adorable together.

There are also some secondary characters that pop up that you don’t really know too much about, but you know they are going to get their own story. One of which is this shady dude who has eyes everywhere. Like, the moment Beckett calls him up with a favor, he already knows the ins and outs of the situation and “has a guy on it”. You just know that his story is going to be a good one, and I’m so excited that his is the next book in the series!

The Last King is a great start to a fun new series. I’m not sure if all of them will have suspense in them, but I really like the way the author has set the board. It will be interesting to see all the characters she brings in, and what their stories are.



Favorite quote…

“All the best nights start with terrible ideas.”





22 Thoughts on “Review: The Last King by Katee Robert

  1. I love romantic suspense! Sounds like a good start of a series indeed 🙂

  2. I read the first book in her The O’Malleys series and I remember I got surprised because it had more to offer than just romance, so I get the feeling! I think I’ll give this one a go as well 🙂

  3. Kristin I got all excited when I seen this cover I thought “Oh a new Biker read”. I am such a dork after reading the blurb realizing nope. Nice little surprise you got with the mystery and suspense not expecting. Hopefully the shady guy in the next book will be good.

  4. it’s great to find a new good series like that! I didn’t know about this one

  5. Yay I was waiting for your review <3 I will need to wind up grabbing this at some point soon 😀

  6. I am glad that you enjoyed this one, I plan on getting to it this week so I am looking forward to it. I do love how she handles Suspense in her books. Good to know 🙂 I always like to know beforehand hehe

    • I hope you enjoyed it. I haven’t read any of her stuff lately. I read one of her first novels way back when. I will have to go back and check out more of her stuff.

  7. Nadene on 9 April, 2018 at 6:40 pm said:

    I love a well written romantic suspense, and this sounds like a good red.

  8. I hate when I feel like I missed something lol At least it all worked out and you ended up enjoying it.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  9. bookwormbrandee on 10 April, 2018 at 6:35 am said:

    This sounds really interesting! I do wonder about it seeming as though there was background information you didn’t have but it seems like KRobert did well with making up for that. I love it when an author can keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s going to happen. And I also love romantic suspense. I’ll have to check out this one sometime. 🙂

  10. I’ve never read this author but this does sound like it be good. Is the three stars due to the disconnect you feel in the first part of the book?

    • Yeah. It took a while to get into the story and to fully get behind these characters. I was able to get my bearings at a certain point but I never really fell in love with the story. It was worth the read but it didn’t wow me.

  11. Hmm, that sounds good and I like the cover.

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