Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan

(Firelight #2)
By: Sophie Jordan
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: September 6, 2011
Genre: YA
Rating: It was okay.

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To save the life of the boy she loves, Jacinda did the unthinkable: She betrayed the most closely-guarded secret of her kind. Now she must return to the protection of her pride knowing she might never see Will again—and worse, that because his mind has been shaded, Will’s memories of that fateful night and why she had to flee are gone.

Back home, Jacinda is greeted with hostility and must work to prove her loyalty for both her sake and her family’s. Among the few who will even talk to her are Cassian, the pride’s heir apparent who has always wanted her, and her sister, Tamra, who has been forever changed by a twist of fate. Jacinda knows that she should forget Will and move on—that if he managed to remember and keep his promise to find her, it would only endanger them both. Yet she clings to the hope that someday they will be together again. When the chance arrives to follow her heart, will she risk everything for love?


I read Firelight and really enjoyed the story. So when I saw that Netgalley had Vanish up for grabs I quickly jumped for it. I was excited to jump back into Jacinda’s life. Firelight left off with Jacinda showing her Draki form to hunters in an attempt to save Will, the human that she loves. Cassian, the prince of their pride, who is also Jacinda’s betrothed, comes to take Jacinda, her mother and sister back to their pride. Which… is where Vanish starts off.

My favorite character in this book was Cassian. He is so patient and understanding when it comes to Jacinda even though all she does is mope around over Will. Little things that he did really made me like him, like when they return to their pride Cassian promises to do what he can to protect them from being punished for escaping. I also thought it was sweet when they got into an altercation and Jacinda went running off and he followed her. Most guys would be fed up by that point and would just shrug it off and say “whatever” but not Cassian he actually ran after her. Jacinda even acknowledges how great Cassian is by thinking, “I know what my life would be like if I stayed here. It wouldn’t be a bad life. Cassian would always be my friend, would always have my back, and he would help me gain acceptance among the pride.” And yet she still pines over Will.

I have to admit that her obsession with Will was a bit extreme. With everything that is happening to her, she just continues to sulk. Not even 60 pages in and I was rolling my eyes hoping that the story would pick up. Unfortunately for me… it didn’t. The entire book focuses on Jacinda’s mixed feelings about Will and whether or not she can say good-bye to him as well as sorting out the feelings that she is developing for Cassian. I think my last straw for Jacinda was when she and Cassian’s little sister Miram were captured by the hunters and Will comes to save the day. Jacinda leaves Miram and takes off with Will. She tries to get Miram to leave with them but Miram is scared and says that she doesn’t trust Will or Jacinda. So she just up and runs off with Will. Right there was when I lost all respect for Jacinda.

I really wanted to like this book. I really liked Firelight but this second book just didn’t do it for me. The story line was pretty much non existent until the very end. The cliffhanger of an ending couldn’t even redeem itself and make me want to pick up the third book.

I chose this quote because it is exactly how I felt through the entire book.
“You want to hear some truth, Jacinda? How about this? I can’t stand the sight of you. Not when you are moping around here like someone who needs to be on a suicide watch… all for a guy who’s probably already forgotten you and moved on to the next hunt.” -Well said Cassian… well said.


6 Thoughts on “Review: Vanish by Sophie Jordan

  1. Nooo, I am so bummed to hear you didn’t love this book. I loved Firelight. Damn. I wish we really could judge books by their covers.


  2. I just finished writing up my review. I actually liked it. I loved learning about the draki culture more and I really like Cassian. 🙂 Yum!

  3. Sorry to hear it wasn’t as good as Firelight. I love that quote, though. 🙂 I just got Firelight, so I’m hoping I’ll like it!

  4. Aw, I really enjoyed Firelight, too … and I’ve been looking forward to this book SO much … I don’t think the pining over Will would annoy me as much as it did you … BBBUT … the fact that Jacinda leaves Miram captured and runs off with Will is completely unacceptable!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  5. Ouch! I’ve been looking forward to this book rather a lot. But, I heard lukewarm things on the first book, Firelight, but I loved it. I’m still eager to see if I’ll like Vanish or not.

  6. I totally understood where you’re coming from. It was a well written book but Jacinda didn’t seem as strong as she was in Firelight and that was upseting.

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