Sneak Peek Wednesday: Blood Knot by Erin Walmsley (GIVEAWAY)

Blood Knot
Erin Walmsley
Publisher: Self-publisher
Published: April 1, 2022
Genre: Paranormal Thriller

It began when Midnight Madigan turned sixteen. Fragmented memories, reaching for her
like dead fingers through earth. A chill, right down in her marrow. And the awareness of
something in the shadows. Something familiar.

All she wants is the truth about how her parents died. If she doesn’t get some answers,
she’s going to lose her mind. Maybe she should heed the warning in the tarot cards, listen
to the pleas from Celestine to leave it all alone. Or maybe she doesn’t have a choice.

The Craft runs deep in Midnight’s family and as she soon discovers, witches know better
than anyone that every action has a consequence. Even if it isn’t felt for generations to



Although I’ve never been punched in the stomach, right now I think I have a pretty good idea what that feels like. I struggle for breath, tears blurring my vision. The sign on the wall above me—Porthtorran Library: quiet please!—swims in and out of focus.

I’d been in such a rush to sneak out of Penglegate and catch the bus in the village that I didn’t bring any food with me. I could really do with something sugary right now—it might stop me shaking. I wipe my eyes on the sleeves of my hoody and set about making photocopies. After stuffing them in my rucksack I stumble out of the library onto the street.

My feet take me to the bus shelter where I lean against its scratched perspex window, hugging my arms around my body. Perhaps if I squeeze tightly enough I can stop myself from coming apart. I’ve got to get back to school and pretend everything’s normal, whatever the hell that means these days. I’ve got a free study period all afternoon but if someone notices I’m missing, Aunt Stella will kill me.

Aunt Stella.

Rage floods my mind, sharpening my thoughts into spikes. I knew she was hiding something, but this? This is too much.


Meet Erin Walmsley

With her Cornish and Irish heritage, Erin grew up surrounded by tales of ghosts and witchcraft. As a teenage goth, she spent many hours wafting around the horror section of the library in search of her next big read.

Her most memorable supernatural experiences include being yelled at by a furious spirit on a paranormal investigation, and witnessing poltergeist activity in her friend’s (very haunted) house.

She loves the ocean, the moon and spiders, especially the ones with “darling little knees.”

Website | TikTok | Facebook | Instagram




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2 Thoughts on “Sneak Peek Wednesday: Blood Knot by Erin Walmsley (GIVEAWAY)

  1. This sounds really interesting and that cover is so chilling. I love it!! haha

  2. Ohh I love that cover, it’s so pretty and creepy at the same time.

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