Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Spark Of The Dragon’s Heart by Willa Hart

The Spark Of The Dragon’s Heart
(Harem of Fire #1)
by Willa Hart
Publisher: Self-Published
Publication date: July 18, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Reverse Harem

One human girl…
Five scorching hot dragons…
A thousand reasons not to want them…
None of those reasons matter!

It’s been five years since my great-aunt and her husband rescued me from foster care – and since I discovered dragons exist. For reals!

Yeah, I had a hard time believing it too, but now I’m learning what it means to be a dragon keeper – a human with special powers who acts as a sort of liaison between dragons and the unsuspecting human world…

When Uncle Max leaves town and entrusts me with my first case, I’m forced to enlist the help of the last five P.I.s on earth he’d want me to ask – his nephews. As much as I want to hate them, for betraying Max, when we all finally meet face to face, the earth shakes with the instant connection between us!

And those powers I’m supposed to have? They seem to grow stronger, the more time I spend with the devastatingly sexy dragon shifters…

But the confusing attraction I have for all five men will have to wait, until we solve this mystery. That’s if we don’t stumble upon an even bigger one along the way…

Spoiler: We do!



Sneak Peek

Kellum glanced at his watch — a big shiny thing that no doubt cost a small fortune — and flinched. “I’m sorry, Favor, but I need to get back to the office. Can I walk you to your car?”He stood and offered his hand, but all I could do was stare at it. The callouses on his long fingers contrasted sharply with the rest of his perfectly styled image. They looked warm and inviting, and I imagined slipping my hand into them would feel like diving into a warm swimming pool. I had to find out…

Ahhh, my fingers practically moaned as our skin made contact. It was a small touch, nothing really, but it affected me more than a kiss ever had. My entire body tingled and I could barely think straight. Then, as he gently guided me through the crowded coffee shop, he dropped his hand to my lower back and I thought my body might actually explode. I was barely conscious of anything except Kellum. The next thing I knew, we were standing in front of my car and he was chuckling.

“Oh god, the Caddy.” He must have mistaken my daze for confusion because he quickly explained. “I used to drive it. All of us did, at some point. That car has been passed around more than a bottle of tequila at a frat party.”

My breathy laugh reminded me of a teenage girl with a huge crush on the captain of a football team. Worse than that, I felt exactly like that teenage girl, all fluttery and giggly that the cutest boy in school was paying attention to me.

Kellum stared down at me, his eyes burrowing into my very soul, and I was suddenly warmed by something other than the afternoon sun. He stood just inches away from me, and my body yearned to lean into him, but my brain told me to back the fuck up.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Favor,“ he said softly, his voice rumbling low enough to reach my very core.

The words I wanted to say died on my tongue as I once again forgot how to breathe. I needed to get out of there. I needed to get away from the intense magnetic pull between us before it tore me in half.

I managed a wimpy, “Mmmhmm,” then turned to the car and somehow fumbled my way inside. My hands shook so badly I could barely hold the steering wheel as I tore out of the parking lot and headed for home. It wasn’t until I was halfway there that I realized I’d left without my coffee or my friends.

Right on cue, my phone buzzed with a text from Zoe.

WTF? Where did you go?

I’d explain later. Although, how the hell could I ever explain it to my friends when I couldn’t make sense of it myself?



Meet Willa Hart

Just like everyone else in the world (except politicians and the entire Kardashian family), Willa Hart hates talking about herself. Seriously, what’s she supposed to say? That she’s the most talented author in the world? That Liam Hemsworth, Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan are knocking down her door for the honor of starring in the big-screen adaptation of her latest romance novel? That readers get into hair-pulling, kidney-punching, nipple-twisting brawls while standing in line to buy one of her books?


Just like every other wordsmith in the world, she’s certain everything she writes (including her own bio) sucks big, fat, hairy donkey danglers. But deep down she hopes and prays YOU are just a little bit delusional and think she IS a great writer, that Liam, Zac and Michael would be idiots to NOT want a part in her movie, and that you’d twist every perky nip you could get your fingers on just to LOOK at her new book. Of course, she’s not holding her breath, but…can’t a girl dream?

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2 Thoughts on “Sneak Peek Wednesday: The Spark Of The Dragon’s Heart by Willa Hart

  1. That one went right into my wishlist for later. lol I do love a good dragon shifter story. Oh man this sounds good.

  2. I’m not a big lover of reverse harem but I don’t automatically discount it. This sounds like it could be interesting so… I’ll keep my eyes open!

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