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My Very First San Diego Comic-Con Experience


Sorry if this turns out to be complete gibberish, I am exhausted. For the last two days the Mister and I have been down in San Diego for Comic-Con. We had the amazing opportunity to volunteer on Saturday which was interesting. We went from standing in a line to await out fate as volunteers to policing said line. Let me just say that there were some volunteers there who were not happy at all. I got some down right dirty looks from people by simply saying “good morning” to them as they walked into the volunteer registration center. Me personally, I was ecstatic because I was getting into the convention for free by lending a hand for a few hours. I guess some people just didn’t appreciate the awesomeness of volunteering like I did. Anyways, after a few hours of volunteering we were finally able to go into the convention center and partake in the festivities. While we weren’t able to get a slot for the Outlander signing because they handed out the tickets while we were volunteering, we were able to get into the panel.

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