Vampire Academy Movie with Cast Pictures!

Okay so maybe you guys have heard and maybe you haven’t but either way I’m shouting it from the rooftops…

Vampire Academy is being made into a movie!!!

And not only is that awesome but there’s already a cast selected!

Rose Hathaway will be played by Zoey Deutch
Lissa Dragomir will be played by Lucy Fry
Dimitri Belikov will be played by Danila Kozlovsky

I must admit that even though I’ve never seen any of these actors in anything I am pleased with the cast. I would’ve liked Ben Barnes for Dimitri but he’s a bit too old and well Danila is from Russia. He won’t need to fake an accent that leaves viewers wondering “Is he supposed to be Scottish or Australian?” I’m happy that Mead has already said that the script is true to the books that we’ve read because that’s the one major thing that irks me about Twilight. Well, that and the acting. I wish we had a release date for the movie but it’s still in the early stages but the good news is, we have a cast and a script which is a big step. If you’d like to read more about this awesome piece of news, check out Richelle’s blog.

If you’ve not read these books, than I’m demanding that you drop whatever you were planning to do today and go to your local library.
My review of Vampire Academy.

Now excuse me while I continue to gush to the Mr. about how amazing this is and how I’m dragging his butt out at midnight when it comes out. Oh and a party… I totally want to have one of those themed parties.

I wonder if the Mr. will let me dress him up in a duster?

5 Thoughts on “Vampire Academy Movie with Cast Pictures!

  1. Lol. If you do dress the Mr. up in a duster, you should take pictures :P. And yeah, I like the casting in general. I’m wondering if Zoey Deutsch–really, most actresses in Hollywood–will be able to pull off Rose’s curves but all in all, this is exciting. This movie and Divergent and all these YA adaptations! Meep 🙂

  2. I’m super excited as well! I just found out about it today and I’ve been jumping for joy!

    Also, I have to comment on your rating system: I love it! It’s adorable. 🙂

    • Me too. I won’t shut up about it. The poor Mr. just keeps ahuh’ing me. And thanks 🙂 I know it’s a bit different but I’m always using emoticons so I figured… why not? LoL

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