Already Halfway Through 2022

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So, June was a little eventful. I rescued a kitten during the first week of June. I just went down the road to the local dollar store to pick up something. However, as I was in my car, waiting for the cross traffic to clear out so that I could get on the road and head home, I spotted this tiny kitten dodging the wheels of the moving vehicles. I immediately parked my car and got out to rescue it. The only problem was that it panicked and climbed up into the engine of a parked vehicle of a nearby housing complex. While I waited in the parking lot of the housing complex, a gentleman came up to probably tell me I wasn’t supposed to be hanging out there. However, once I explained that there was a kitten in the engine of one of the vehicles, and he heard it meowing, he understood why I was there and called the owner of the vehicle to see if they could come home to pop the hood. As I waited there for about an hour, seven people showed up to see what was going on, and stuck around until the kitten was rescued. Turns out that she was about 6 weeks old and, thankfully, healthy minus some fleas. After a week of having her in the house, I found her a loving forever home where she is the center of their world since they do not have other pets or children.

Other than rescuing the kitten, I haven’t really been up to much this week. It’s been the usual of catching up on reading, hanging out with friends on the beach, and just normal stuff around the house. Oh! I did start doing filming for my Youtube channel, though. I did a couple of videos about the kitten, and a few taste test videos. It’s been a lot of fun editing them. Every time I edit a new video, I try to learn a new technique to apply to them. Since it went from the rainy season straight into typhoon season, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunities to film fun things outside.

I’m hoping that July will offer more outdoor adventures and fun. However, we will see what the weather does this season. If there are a lot of tropical storms and typhoons, at least it will give me the chance to continue to catch up on my reading.


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15 Thoughts on “Already Halfway Through 2022

  1. So glad you found the kitten a home! Have a great coming week!

  2. Sounds eventful! We don’t have those sorts of seasons in the UK. We are apparently going to be getting a heatwave soon …

    I want to read The Bodyguard. I keep seeing it around!

    Have a great week!

    Emily @ Budget Tales Book Blog
    My post:

  3. What an excellent story about the kitten! So glad you were able to rescue her, and even better find her a great home! 🙂

  4. My daughter rescued a kitten this week too. Poor thing was small and skin and bones. But my daughter and I are both allergic and Falcor wanted to play with it really bad and he just wasn’t having it. So we had to call animal control. He’s really friendly so they hope he can be adopted.

  5. oh my!! I love that story about you rescuing a kitten, I just love that. I am glad that you have read some great books this year, I loved that highland romance when I read it. It was so so good.

  6. Well done with rescuing the kitten. I am looking forward to reading The Bodyguard.

  7. Amazing job re: the kitten! Happy to hear it’s doing well!

  8. You area hero for rescuing the kitten AND finding it a loving home! Good for you!

  9. Nice that you were able to help the kitten and find it a new home. Hope you are able to enjoy July like you are wishing for.

  10. So nice to help the kitty! I enjoyed the Katherine Center book. Have a good week and enjoy your reading!

  11. Great kitten story!

    I loved The Bodyguard. Hope you do, too. Here are my WEEKLY UPDATES

  12. It looks like you read some interesting books this week. I agree with others that your kitten story is wonderful. So glad you saw it.

  13. Good job rescuing the kitty and finding it a forever home.
    Nice books for June. I like the cover for Ashes.
    Have a good week and Happy Reading!

  14. The Bodyguard is one that keeps catching me. Enjoy that one.

  15. I loved reading about the kitten. Thank you for rescuing her and finding her a forever home. I worry about all the homeless pets. My husband and I are renting now so we can only have our two permanent cats and our oldest one is very territorial. She’s having trouble with our move. Fortunately, she’s getting used to everything. Otherwise, I’d foster kittens. I’m so happy there are people who can foster them.

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