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The Start of the Big Move

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Well, this month has been pretty stressful. Hence why I haven’t been blogging. The month started with the June flight schedule being released. Within an hour of our travel office opening, all pet spots for the month of June were gone. Fortunately, they were able to book us two in-cabin spots for our cats. With that being said, we need to hire a pet shipping company to ship my dog out. For his 22lb self, the cheapest I can find is over $3,000. *dies a little inside* So, yeah, this month started out with a huge blow. Then the people who handle the check-in process for our flight have changed their mind 3x now on the size of carrier they accept for in-cabin. The latest, from last week, was a carrier size that is so small, it doesn’t exist. So, I’ve been dreading what is going to happen when we arrive at the airport because our carriers are half an inch over the current allowed size. To say that I’ve been stressed out this month would be a massive understatement.

So it should come as no surprise that I haven’t been reading this month. I finished one book this month… ONE! I just can’t bring myself to pick up a book and read it. I keep trying, but I get a sentence or two in, and then I find myself scrolling through tiktok, putzing on Facebook, or turning on the TV. I just can’t seem to sit down and focus. I think it’s safe to say that not a lot of reading will be getting done over the next few months. There’s just so much going on, so many things running through my head, that I just can’t seem to focus on anything. With that said, while the blog might be a little silent during this huge move, I will be active on Instagram. I will be sharing stories of what I’m up to on there and you guys can always reach out to me.

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Countdown to the Big Move and Free Books

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I can not believe it’s already going to be March. Time is going by way too fast. This move is coming up on me a lot quicker than I expected. I’ve been hustling all month to get clearance to fly overseas during this time. Needless to say, it’s been a lot of running around between doctor appointments, dentists, and phone calls trying to set things up. We haven’t even gotten to the part of booking a flight or scheduling movers. This move was already stressful enough just thinking about moving across the world, but trying to do so in the middle of a pandemic has made this even more stressful. No one is operating the way they did last year. Things are constantly changing week by week so I can’t even get a clear answer of what our move will be like in a few months. Not to mention that it’s difficult to get myself approved clearance to travel and live in a foreign country during this time, but trying to get animals over there is by far the most difficult and stressful part of it all. Needless to say, my stress level is through the roof and I’ve started experiencing vision problems like tunnel vision and dizziness. It’s insane what stress can do to the body.

While going through my mental checklist of what all still needs to be done, I realized that I have a lot of books that I’ve been holding onto over the years that need to find a good home. So at the bottom of this month’s wrap-up, I will have a giveaway for free books! The genre is mainly romance with some sci-fi, western, paranormal, new adult, and other subgenres mixed in.


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Since I have quite a few books, I plan to split the giveaway up for multiple winners. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s up for grabs so far!
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This Year Will be Interesting

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This month has been much better for me, personally. I am finding that my mental health is improving and I think that that is due to no longer having the stress of going to work in the middle of a pandemic. A lot of people thought that I would be bored with not going to work, but I’ve gotten a lot done around the house, and have also kept up on my reading and blogging. There was one shocker that came this month, though. My husband’s job told him that they need him in Japan. So this summer we will be moving across the world. So, yeah… there’s that. I don’t think that the move has fully sunk in for me. I’ve been doing little preparations by getting the fur-babies medically ready to go overseas. My family has also agreed to take on my tortoise, hermit crabs, and fish for me while I’m gone. I also have a couple of friends that have volunteered to hold onto some of my beloved plants while I’m away. So, thankfully I have an amazing tribe of people in my life who are stepping up to help out any way that they can. I’m sure that as the time gets closer I will probably start to freak out a bit more. For now, I’m just trying to take one step at a time and I’m trying to not become overwhelmed by it all.


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The Darkest Year


So long 2020. I would say it was fun, but then I’d be lying. And if Dolores Umbridge taught me anything, it’s that I mustn’t tell lies.

Like so many, I struggled through the year. However, I don’t want to dwell on the bad because there were some good things that came from it. We adopted a kitten. Technically, we rescued her, tried to find her owners, realized she was feral born, tried to get her into the only no-kill shelter in the area, and then wound up falling in love with her before the shelter had space to take her in. Total foster fail, but worth it! I also rescued a pair of neglected hermit crabs from someone in my area. I saw the filth they were living in, and immediately responded to the listing. Did I know anything about hermit crabs? No, but I was not about to let those things suffer anymore. While they started out super shy, they are coming out earlier and earlier every day (they are nocturnal) and it’s been great seeing them enjoy their new digs. I also got a Cricut machine and decided to start crafting. Which has helped with my anxiety and depression because it gives me something to focus on, and gives me a sense of completion when I finish a project. So that machine has really saved my sanity.

One huge thing I did this year was quit my job. This is my first week not working, and it feels great. It was just becoming too much. We were seeing international people flying in from all over. American’s driving/flying across country. They were all carrying on like we aren’t in the middle of a pandemic. I had people tell me that the pandemic was over and therefor didn’t need to wear a mask because back home in Florida, Covid isn’t a thing. Seriously, some of the stuff I dealt with was absurd. So, since I started to feel extremely overwhelmed, and I honestly didn’t feel like my job was “essential” by any means, I decided enough was enough, and left. I’m looking forward to less stress in my life, and hopefully a lot more reading this year. My reading tanked badly this year between everything going on. I had set a goal of reading 65 books (which is super low for me) but I only got to 61 books read this year.  However, I’m hoping that I’ll get back into blogging and reading again. I’m honestly just ready to get myself mentally back on track.


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Different Month, Same Story

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I hope everyone is doing well and is staying safe. I’d like to say that things have slowed down for me, but they haven’t. I’ve had a lot going on over here in my lil world, and I haven’t been getting as much blogging done. I finally fully cancelled my big family vacation for November and got all out money back from it. I was really looking forward to seeing my family and finally getting to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but there’s no way that’s happening. My area is still closed for the most part. So, aside from working and running out for things we need, I pretty much just stay home and go stir crazy.


Aside from being back at work, I’ve been crafting a lot more. During quarantine I purchased a Cricut machine and have been playing with it a lot lately. I’ve made some shirts, friend’s have been having me decorate or make them cups, I’ve decorated some egg cartons for a friend who has chickens, and I have even started experimenting with ice dying fabric. I’ve had a lot of fun pushing myself to try new techniques and learn new things. So all these random projects have also kept me a bit busy and has helped me keep my sanity for the most part.



I also recently (like a week ago) rescued a pair of hermit crabs that some guy was getting rid of in my community. He posted this photo of a disgusting set up or some brown slime on the bottom of a tank and said he was getting rid of his hermit crabs. Since I had the means to be able to take these little guys on, I decided to reach out to him and take them from him. Well, I had no clue how stressful these lil… or rather big things could be. They are huge (not the cute lil things you see in pet stores), and need an insane amount of care to make them happy. So, for the last week I have been stressing over that and trying to get everything set up perfectly for them. Thankfully there are a few really good Facebook groups that have helped me out a lot.


So yeah, I’ve been keeping busy over here and have just been trying to keep my sanity… while also sort of losing it at the same time. 😉

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What Month Is It Again?

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Is anyone even keeping track of time anymore? It seems like we are in an alternate universe or something where time is irrelevant. So, yeah… I’ve missed a few of these monthly wrap-ups due to me not having a clue what day it is anymore. Every time I turned around it was a new month, and yet we are still stuck in the same limbo. Back in June we were reinstated back at work. I have to say, it’s an odd feeling being back there, even months later. We still get people who come into the building who don’t want to wear their face coverings, or don’t keep their distance from others. It’s just crazy to me with the amount of people who are still traveling (both in country and from other countries) during a deadly pandemic.

My reading has gotten better. I’m reading a bit more than I previously was, and I’m finding new books/authors to read that weren’t on my radar. Not all of the books I’ve tried over the last handful of months have been winners for me, but I’ve found some gems in there. I’ve also read some forgotten and neglected books that have been sitting on my shelves for years.

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We made it to May. Now what?

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I hope that everyone is having a relaxing Sunday. This last month was a tough one for me. I found myself under a lot of stress with work. My job doesn’t really translate into a teleworking gig. So, the abrupt change and lack of guidance from the uppers has left a lot of my coworkers, and myself, beyond stressed out. I wish I could be one of those people who are taking this time to be productive and/or using this time to get a little r&r in. I honestly thought I would get so much accomplished with all the time spent at home. However, that clearly hasn’t been the case.

I did manage to get some reading in this month. My reading still isn’t where I want it to be, but I feel like it is slowly picking up.


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The Month of Mayhem

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So last month was… yeah. I feel like I’m in a dystopian novel. I’ve never seen so many people panic before. One minute you’re at work and then *bam*, you’re laid off, grocery stores are barren, and you’re told you can’t leave your house, while the news just shows all the chaos in the world and the growing infected/death rate. So, yeah… last month was a bit intense. Something tells me this month is not going to be any better. Luckily mine and my coworkers jobs are safe for now… but only for a couple more weeks. Then who knows. I’ve been very fortunate that due to my husband’s job, he will never be laid off and will always get a steady paycheck. Not to mention the security needed to get on base has gone up, and you can’t even enter the commissary without verifying that you’re healthy and not at risk of getting others sick. However, it doesn’t negate that tingling sense of fear as day after day you tune into the same chaos on the news.

Due to Covid-19, I’ve found that I have a lot more time on my hands, as I’m sure we all do. I thought I’d get a lot of reading, gardening, and running/walking in… but then pollen happened and the winds picked up, and I’ve been stuck inside with all the windows closed itching to get out of the house. I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason I’m having a hard time focusing on books lately. Well, my focus has been shot on just about everything, if I’m being honest. Now I understand why my dog gets so excited about the happenings of outside, and goes nuts when he sees a rabbit or bird on the front lawn.

I hope that you guys are all well and staying safe. This is a crazy time, no matter where you’re from. Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay healthy!

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I’m ready for shamrocks!


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This year is just kicking my butt. So, I started the month in the hospital. I started to not feel well at work, and thought nothing of it until I got worse as the night progressed. I spent the night in the ER as they tried to bring down the pain and nausea that I was experiencing. In the end, they still weren’t able to figure out what was wrong with me, and thought maybe I just came in contact with some severe stomach bug or something. When I got back to work I realized that others were out from the same symptoms. The last handful of months have been awful at work with everyone getting sick. We’ve had both strands of flu, stomach bugs, phenomia, and just everything and anything come through our offices. I got my flu shot this year, so I was hoping to dodge the bullet this year, but apparently my body wasn’t prepared for the stomach bug that came my way. Needless to say, I don’t ever want to see the inside of the ER again.

Considering how my reading has been previously, I feel like I killed it this month. I really pushed myself to read this month. I used to have so many reviews saved up for later, but lately it’s been a read and post kind of schedule. I really need to sit down and get more books and reviews in because this year is going to be crazy busy. I already have plans to go to Comic-Con, there’s a family vacation planned in Florida, and a couple other side trips scheduled for various work and family events. Basically, I need to start cracking and get some reviews in my reserve.


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A pretty crazy month

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I know it’s like a week  into the month of February, however, last week I was out sick with some serious stomach bug that brought me to the hospital. So, now that I’m all better and back to 100%, I thought it was time I do my January wrap up.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen the post announcing that we decided to keep the foster kitten. I had only planned to hold onto her until until the no-kill shelter had space for her, but after a month and a half of caring for her, I grew too attached to her. So, the Mister and I had a long talk about taking on another lil book sniffer and ultimately decided to keep her. My older cat may not be too thrilled with that decision, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of being yet another person who let her down and abandoned her.

Last month I also really cracked down on getting posts scheduled to go out way in advance. Which, came in handy because I made a last minute surprise flight across the country to surprise my mom for her birthday. I was so proud of myself because over the past couple of years, I’ve really struggled with getting posts out on a set schedule. I may have my reviews all typed up after I finish reading a book, but I just never seem to sit down and get them formatted for the blog until the day I plan to post them. So, last month I nailed it. I’m just hoping I can keep that trend going for the rest of the year.


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