Excerpt: Curse Girl by Mark Mackey

Curse Girl
(Blue Winter, #2)
By: Mark Mackey
Publisher: Jessina and Montalay/Trixie in the Mirror Publications
Published: March 23, 2013
Genre: Horror

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Amanda Hansen targets a new student Julie Argyles whose ancestor just happens to be a witch. Julie’s act of payback changes Amanda in a way she could not expect or want, and now she and her friend Gillian must take a road trip to find Julie before seven days pass, and Amanda is stuck the way she is forever.

Feeling the cool fall air against her face stepping from the house gave Julie a strong incentive to continue what she set her mind on doing.

Starting to walk along a residential block with the street named Cylers caused Julie to feel excitement blossom in her at a rapid pace. The idea being in a new town would allow her to escape and be free of the constant torment of ridicule; this coming as a result of Sharon, Angela, Bridget and her being what they were. It sure would be something of a miracle if Blue Winter was void of pathetic, vile witch-haters like Tracy and Heather; the thought of this causing Julie to start moving faster toward the section of Blue Winter with stores and businesses.

As the hour progressed following departing her house, Julie arrived at her intended destination. What she saw brought her to be reminded of good old Darkwoods, Blue Winter and it bore one heck of an incredible resemblance to one another. In addition it was like any other quaint little suburban town, a mixture of old time dime stores, ice cream Shoppes, and the new, Starbucks and Subways. Now if there weren’t any pathetic witch-haters such as Tracy and Heather infecting Blue Winter, her life here would go perfectly smooth in this new town she and her parents had relocated to from Darkwoods.

Continuing to travel along, what snagged Julie’s attention, a store front music store with the name Rosemonts. If it was one thing Julie enjoyed besides spending an hour or so talking on the phone with Sharon, it was listening to and buying music.

“Hey new girl welcome to Blue Winter,” Maddie announced as Julie stepped in; “yeah I know you’re new all right, I have a talent of knowing each and every one of the teenagers who live in this town. It’s quite easy for me to do so since the only high school is Saint Anne’s. So what brings you here?”

“My Dad being handed the opportunity of running a branch of the company he works for,” Julie answered as she started heading toward the counter and Maddie and Dahlia.

“So what’s your name new girl?”

“Julie Argyles, and since your last name is Rosemont, I suppose you’re related to the owners of this record store?”

“Yeah uh-huh, it’s been in my family for generations now.”

“Well I’m glad to meet the two of you Maddie and Dahlia. Hey you think you could tell me a little bit about Blue Winter?”

“I should have expected that question next,” Maddie replied. “Julie this town isn’t much different than any other wholesome, quaint little American community.”

“What about the residents and others our age?”

“For the most part, Blue Winter’s residents are accepting of new citizens, but-” Maddie said, not finishing her sentence, but shooting a brief nervous glance at Dahlia.

“Okay what’s with you not finishing your sentence Maddie, is there something I should know about?” Julie asked with nervousness present in her voice.

“Just to give you a heads up before you start settling in and getting comfortable here.”

“Sure go on I’m listening.”

“Julie there’s a group of girls who Dahlia and I asked to join and had our invitation rejected, run by best friends Amanda Hansen and Kristen Flemings. Well just by Amanda now, since Kristen moved away only yesterday.

“What’s that have to do with me?”

“Oh come on Julie, you arrived here practically at the same time Kristen left. Are you seeing why Amanda might try and attack you in some way because of the hurt and depression she’s feeling over losing her best friend?”



Mark Mackey, I live in Chicago, I’ve won two screenplay awards, have had four of my short stories published in four separate anthologies,
Without Title, Christmas Lites, All the Lovely Creatures, and the Perfect Christmas Stuffing.

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