Review: Rapture’s Edge by J.T. Geissinger

Rapture’s Edge
(Night Prowler, #3)
By: J.T. Geissinger
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: June 18, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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SECRETS…In the hidden world that exists beside our own, a mirror world of ancient magic and elegant deceptions, a world of people who are so much more than they first appear, a war is brewing. Most of these Gifted people—the Ikati, a savage, sensual race of lethal predators—are content to hide behind human smiles, disguising their splendor in order to survive. But others are discontent. And they will hide no longer.
BETRAYALS…Eliana lives for two things only: vengeance on the man who killed her father and seeing her father’s dream of living in the open with humans come to pass. But that dream is far too dangerous for The Hunt, a group of elite Ikati assassins with one objective: eliminate her before she can expose their secrets to the world.

SEDUCTION…Demetrius is haunted by the memory of the woman he once loved. He will risk everything to save her from the killers on her tail…and convince her, before the ancient walls between two worlds crumble, that only together can they defeat their real enemy, a brilliant, cunning traitor far more deadly than either of them can guess.

3 Years after Edge of Oblivion, Princess Eliana is in hiding with her people. She’s no longer the naive little girl that we first met, okay well maybe she’s still a little naive. She’s hardened herself to the world and has become quite the skilled fighter. She earns money for her colony by fighting in rings and stealing priceless artifacts and she’s quite good at it too. Only, there is an unknown organization who have been secretly monitoring her and it isn’t until her latest heist that they finally catch her in the act. They know that she’s not human but with a little bit of testing, they are hopeful that they can figure out exactly what she is.

Demetrius has been searching for Eliana since she ran away with her people 3 years ago. He has never forgotten the young princess who stole his heart but she thinks that he killed her father and has pretty much disappeared on him. However, one day while out, the news is broadcasting that the infamous thief has been captured and it’s none other than his princess. He knows that with her face being broadcasted all over that The Hunt, assassins who carry out any punishment for all ikati, now know where their target is and will be on their way to her. D only hopes that he can get to her before they do because if not, the Hunt will surely kill her for her father’s sins.

In Edge of Oblivion I really liked these two characters. After all, Demetrius was the king’s security detail and Eliana was the princess. However, for the first 100 pages the two of them don’t even meet up. We read about how the two have been doing over the past 3 years and how they’ve been suffering. Once they do get together there seems to always be something tearing them apart. With the way these two characters were before, I was expecting more romance but there just wasn’t much of that in this story.

I liked that the author wrote the characters in a way that the reader never forgets that the main characters are not human. Just by the way they move and their transformations to mist and panther. There was one scene in the book where Demetrius becomes mist and uses the air current to take him over the English Channel. At no point did I forget how lethal and foreign these characters were.

“Demetrius looked down at her with such savage fury in his expression it froze her in place like a mouse staring into the jaws of a snake. He crouched as if to spring, but then his head snapped up, his eyes focused on something behind her, and a hair-raising growl rumbled through his chest.”

Eliana has grown so much since we last saw her. She’s no longer the spoiled princess and is instead more of an equal among her people. She is very protective of them and will fight until the death to keep their location a secret to those who wish to harm them. Demetrius is the same way when it comes to Eliana. He risks the wrath of his brothers and ultimately puts his life in jeopardy to try to keep Eliana safe.

I am a fan of the author’s writing style and the way she describes not only her world but her characters as well.

“Dressed in a black pair of men’s boxer shorts rolled over at the waist so they didn’t sag down her legs and a white men’s undershirt she must have found in one of the dresser drawers, with her choppy blue hair sticking up in every direction and her wild, glittering eyes, she looked like an insane, cross-dressing pixie.”

The story had a lot of action going on between the scheduled fights, heists and fighting amongst each other that there was never a dull moment to the story. We also meet up with some new characters as well as characters that we may have bumped into before but are now brought to the forefront. I wish I had connected with the main characters a bit more since I was really looking forward to their story but it was still a fun read. This is a series that I will keep up with.

“A nice rack can topple empires, princess. It’s just the way we’re build.” -Gregor

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4 Thoughts on “Review: Rapture’s Edge by J.T. Geissinger

  1. I read the first book and always wondered about the rest of the series. I might have to check it out.

  2. lol love the quote. It sounds like an interesting read. I hadn’t seen this one before and will have to check it out. Not sure about them not meeting up for 100 pages. eep! That seems like a long time!! Glad you’re enjoying the series! And thanks for the heads up on it!

    • I always find myself going for the goofy quotes. You have to start from the beginning of the series with Shadow’s Edge. These characters sort of all intertwine and build up to this point.

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