Interview with Addison Fox, author of Tempting Acquisitions

Today we have Addison Fox stopping by to answer some questions about her books. Addison is the author of the Sons of Zodiac series, the Alaskan Nights series and her latest book that just came out this month, Tempting Acquisitions.

Addison Fox can’t remember a time when words weren’t part of her life. An avid reader, her love of the written word started at the tender age of one with The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear (a poem she could recite by heart to any family member who would listen.) Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, Judy Blume and a host of others quickly followed until she discovered THE CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR by Jean M. Auel while writing a paper at the library in the seventh grade. Although not a classic romance, Ayla and Jondalar’s love story moved her firmly into the romance section and she hasn’t looked back!



Thank you for stopping by Book Sniffers Anonymous to chat with us today.
Thanks so much for having me!!


Before we get to the good stuff, would you mind telling our readers a little bit about your new book, Tempting Acquisitions?
Keira McBride, CEO of McBride Media, is at the top of her game. She and her two sisters, Camryn and Mayson, have restored their family’s failing magazine empire into a bright, vibrant enterprise for the 21st century. And sexy corporate raider, Nathan Cooper, is looking to take them over and break up the company.

Nathan’s carrying a lot of baggage of his own, particularly growing up as the illegitimate son of media mogul West Harrison. Nathan sees a business opportunity in McBride Media, but once he gets into the fight, it’s his animosity toward his father – and proving he can play in this field – that keep him stubbornly moving forward.


With the increase of billionaire romances coming out lately, what do you think sets Keira and Nathan apart from the rest?
For me, the story is really about becoming who you’re meant to be and finding the person who celebrates that in you.

In the series, Keira and her sisters have worked incredibly hard to rebuild their family’s empire and the work has cemented even further their bonds as sisters. Their company has also allowed all of them to work through some personal demons – the loss of their mother, the emotional abandonment of their father – so while it’s business, it’s got a deeply personal overtone.

While Keira’s not looking to deny love coming into her life, she does realize that the right man is going to be someone who accepts what she’s built and worked for and the company that has become a part of her. So imagine her surprise when she falls for the one man who wants to take it away!


I noticed that you write a paranormal romance series called Sons of the Zodiac as well. Where did the idea come from to write a series about the warriors of zodiac?
The Sons of the Zodiac is near and dear to my heart. Not only is it the first series I sold, but I just love, love, love writing about alpha males and their hard fall into love!

The series was what I love to think of as an “idea gift.” I was sitting on the couch one night, watching TV and not even thinking about plotting or writing at all. Out of the blue, this idea came to me….astrology + warriors. I immediately went to Google and started looking up astrology and very quickly realized just how much of Greek mythology is embedded in Western astrology. As soon as I had those two things my imagination pretty much took off.

My premise is that each of my warriors is a different sign and imbued with the powers and traits of that sign. They were created by the goddess of justice, Themis, in an agreement with Zeus, to keep humans safe.

Between your Alaskan Nights series, Sons of the Zodiac series and now Boardrooms & Billboards series, what’s next for you?
I tend to think in series, likely because that’s what I most love to read. For me, I always see my characters as part of a bigger family, whether that’s by blood, by circumstance or by friendship.

I have some new series ideas for Entangled that I’m working up for my editor that I’m really excited about. I’m also writing a series for Harlequin Romantic Suspense called the “House of Steele.” Again, it’s a family series – two brothers and two sisters have created a high-end security firm, the House of Steele, and each is called to various on-the-job adventures. I wanted to write a sexy caper – think “The Thomas Crown Affair” meets “Leverage.” The first book is called THE PARIS ASSIGNMENT and it’ll be out in July.


You are stopping by Book Sniffers Anonymous after all so I must ask… are you a book sniffer?
Oh yes!! I LOVE the smell of a new book!!!


We always end our reviews with our favorite quote/part from the book and I know with Temping Acquisitions being your new baby, it will be hard to choose but what is your favorite part or quote from the story?
There’s a scene before they make love that I really enjoyed writing. Keira’s been fighting her attraction to Nathan but knows she has feelings for him. For his part, Nathan (mistakenly!!) thinks he can separate business from pleasure and compartmentalize them in his mind.

It was important to me to truly acknowledge the conflict between them here in this scene. Sexual attraction is a powerful thing, but it has significant impact to both of their professional lives.


Desire pounded heavy in his veins as Nathan waited for Keira’s answer. He hadn’t had to ask a woman into his bed since he was a teenager, and it wasn’t until that moment that he realized how spoiled he’d been by that. Of course, the stakes had never been higher.

“You really believe that? You honestly can stand there and tell me you think you can separate the work from what’s between us?” She stared up at him. “Just put all of it into compartments?”

“Yes, I can.”

She shook her head at that. “And tomorrow morning, when the heat has passed. What then?”

He couldn’t stop the grin that spread across his features at her words. “Baby, it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than one night to cool the fire between us.”

Although the comment had sparked to life as a tease, as he spoke the words, he knew there was more to it. He wanted this woman with a ferocity that caught him off guard, even as it tempted him in ways he’d never felt before. This insatiable desire scared him, he admitted to himself. He’d never been a man to allow his wants to interfere with his ability to think, but he’d done damn little thinking in the last week.

Her dark gaze continued to drink him in while heavy chords of desire pounded through his overwrought body. And then that gaze dropped to the ground as whispered words floated toward him. “I like you too much to have regrets.” 


about the book

Tempting Acquisitions
(Boardrooms & Billionaires, #1)
Publisher: Entangled
Published: Jan. 7, 2013
Genre: Romance

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N

CEO Keira McBride has put more than a decade of blood, sweat, and tears into restoring her family’s magazine empire and knows she can handle any business challenge thrown her way…until sexy billionaire and corporate raider Nathan Cooper makes a play for her legacy.

Nathan’s not accustomed to losing and neither is Keira. When an all-consuming attraction threatens to devour them both, Nathan makes it clear he wants to move their relationship out of the boardroom and into the bedroom. Keira knows it’s going to be the negotiation of her life and the stakes have never been higher. This time, her heart is on the line…


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