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I don’t know about you guys but I’m starting to get really frustrated with Facebook. Not only because they keep changing things and adding more limitations but I hate that I have almost two thousand followers and I’m lucky if 50 people see the post. I kid you not, the average post for me gets seen by about 38 people. Sure, I can pay FB money out of my pocket to ensure that more of my followers see my posts… but depending on how much you donate is how much they share. For instance:
If I pay $5 a post FB will see that my post reaches 270-720 of my followers. For $20 a post it reaches 450-740 people. That is out of the 1,953 of you that follow BSA on FB.

So basically, those of you who have liked my page and are interested in actually seeing updates and posts from me are not getting a thing. And that is not fair to you guys.

Not only do I have a huge problem with the fact that they are hiding my posts from my followers, but half the time I can’t even get into the site. I was recently locked out of FB for almost a week. I tried the desktop, my laptop and the Mr’s laptop and I still wasn’t able to get the site to do anything. It would just get stuck loading the page and ultimately time itself out and tell me to reload the page.

So, I have been keeping my eye out for an alternate sharing network to keep it simple for those of you who want to follow the blog and get updates on posts or to just chat with me. I have been hearing about a site called tsu and after waiting a month and seeing what peoples thoughts were, I decided to sign up. It’s pretty much like FB. It has the same features to friend or follow others. You can message people, post on their wall, tag them in photos, comment on updates… the whole nine yards. The only difference is tsu claims that they will pay you if you produce posts that generate a lot of likes and shares, or if you refer a lot of people via email. After all, you are the one giving their site traffic and putting them on the map. However, I don’t really know much about this feature and I don’t plan on utilizing it. I just want that old-time FB feel without all the additional b.s. they keep throwing our way. So if you have a tsu account make sure to pop on over to my page and add me as a friend. It will be the same deal as FB where I will share posts from the website, any bookish finds I come across, and be a place where I get to chat with everyone.

I will still keep BSA on FB for now. I’m not sure what the new year is going to bring, change-wise, for pages but I don’t have any plans to delete my page at this time. However, with it being difficult for me to get in to update on there, and the fact that pretty much all of you who do follow via FB aren’t seeing my posts, you may want to find an alternative method to follow BSA. I have tsu, Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest, and email subscription options as well. All of which are located on the right hand side of the website.


2 Thoughts on “Problems with Facebook

  1. i know exactly what you mean regarding FB’s nonsense! I’ve noticed I’m losing followers, and I’m sure it’s because they aren’t seeing updates. It’s really frustrating. Tsu sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to check it out.

    • It drives me nuts. So far I’m really enjoying tsu. I’m more interactive on there than I ever was on FB because everyone else is more interactive. I post a question and *BOOM* I have a response. Whereas on FB I post a question and all I hear are crickets.

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