Review: High School Debut Vol. 3 by Kazune Kawahara

HSD4High School Debut
(Vol. #3)
By: Kazune Kawahara
Publisher: Viz Media
Published: May 6, 2008
Genre: YA Manga


Hopeless Haruna needs help finding a boyfriend! After failing to win the eye of any guy in high school, Haruna enlists the help of cute upperclassman Yoh to coach her on how to make herself more appealing to the male species. Yoh agrees, with one catch: Haruna had better not fall for him!

But what does Haruna do when she does find herself liking Yoh? She starts acting weird and avoiding him, that’s what! When he confronts her about her strange behaviour and encourages her to be honest with him, will she quash her feelings or confess her love?



1thoughtsI’m not surprised at all about what takes place in this volume. Right from the beginning Yoh tells Haruna not to fall for him. So right there I knew, Haruna is going to fall in love with Yoh. I’m just surprised it took this long.

When Haruna realizes that she’s developed feelings for Yoh, she freaks out. She broke his rule and she doesn’t know what to do. She’s horrible at hiding things from him since he can read her like an open book. So how the heck is she going to keep this from him? She tried ignoring him and being as short with him as she could but Yoh quickly picks up on it and demands to know what’s going on.

I will admit that this volume had me (inwardly) squealing like a teenage girl. I don’t know why but all I could think was, finally! And, he’s so sweet to her! Even though I think Haruna falls in “love” fast, I totally saw them being a couple. So to me, her falling for one guy and then shortly another, didn’t feel rushed. To me, this was who she was supposed to love.



HSD3Haruna is asked what kind of guy she’s attracted to. However, she’s falling for Yoh who initially told her when he started to help her out that a relationship with him was off the table. So, in true spastic Haruna-style she starts babbling off features that are the complete opposite of Yoh to throw them off her tracks.




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4 Thoughts on “Review: High School Debut Vol. 3 by Kazune Kawahara

  1. Ooh must be extra special to match the swoon factor with amazing illustrations!

  2. LOL, you are adorable. Happy you enjoyed it. Not something I would read but I love seeing people excited about anything you can read!

    • HaHaa…. thanks? 😛 I haven’t read manga in a long time but I realized that I had sort of typed up a review on this one and quickly picked it up to re-read it so that I could post it on here. I wound up spending like 4 hours reading them back to back. They are definitely light and easy reads.

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