Review: Ignite on Contact by Jaci Burton

Ignite on Contact
(Brotherhood by Fire #2)
by Jaci Burton
Publisher: Berkley
Publication date: Feb. 4, 2020
Genre: Romance

Relationships. Firefighter Rafe Donovan avoids them whenever possible. He loves dating women, but he makes sure they know up front that he’s in it for fun, great sex and nothing more.

Fun. As an ER nurse and official caretaker of her disabled grandfather, Carmen Lewis doesn’t have time for fun. But Rafe has been there for Carmen–and her grandfather–time and again, and he’s clearly interested in her. She knows he’s a player, but she’s tempted by his charm and incredible body. And maybe a little fun isn’t a bad thing, as long as she keeps her heart away from this fiery game she’s enjoying with a very hot man.

Love. It doesn’t take Rafe long to realize that until now he’s only been playing at romance. With Carmen he feels searing passion and heart-tugging emotion for the first time. Now he has to convince Carmen that what they have together is the real deal.



Normally I’m a sucker for Jaci Burton, and devour her books in one sitting. Not to mention, this one checked all my boxes. Hot firefighter? Check! Successful woman? Check! Friends to lovers? Check! Tight knit family? Check! Smoking hot romance? Check! Minimal drama? Check! You’d think I would have loved this book, but something just didn’t click for me. I just found myself bored and skimming through it.

Like I said, The characters were great. Carmen is the head nurse at the ER and Rafe’s neighbor. Rafe is, of course, a fire fighter. These two have known each other a long time, and so there’s no real build up to their relationship. One minute they’re neighbors, the next they’re dating. However, the reader is given the sense that they are pretty well established in each others lives. Carmen’s grandpa suffered a huge stroke previously, and sometimes needs help around the house. Rafe and his brother’s have always been there for Carmen and her grandpa, and that connection shows across the board. The way the family rallied behind Carmen and Jimmy when something needed fixing or there was a family emergency was really heartwarming.

I wish I could put my finger on why I didn’t connect with this story. I just wasn’t feeling it, I guess. :shrugs shoulders: It had everything I like in a romance, but I just felt like something was missing.


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5 Thoughts on “Review: Ignite on Contact by Jaci Burton

  1. I am sorry to hear that something was missing out of this story,….I love Jaci Burton as well and gimme the sexy firefighters. Sometimes that happens even if you can’t point a finger at what exactly it was. Hope your next romance is better for you

  2. It’s too bad you didn’t click with this one. I hate it when the hottest thing about the book is the cover. LOL

    I hope the next one works better for you.

    Great review!

  3. i’ve felt like that before. just unable to pinpoint why something didn’t work for me but i felt it would have. i think our moods can play a part in that
    sherry @ fundinmental

  4. We’re not always going to like all the books we read. It happens. I have a hard time reading fire fighter romances now because my brother is a retired fire fighter. lol It just doesn’t work for me anymore.

  5. Even though I haven’t really read Jaci’s books in quite some time, I do remember feeling a connection with her characters back in the day. So sorry this one didn’t work for you. Hugs, and hope you are well. RO

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