Review: Immortal Born by Lynsay Sands

Immortal Born
(Argeneau #30)
by Lynsay Sands
Publisher: Avon
Publication date: Sept. 24, 2019
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A simple promise to protect her friend’s infant son has turned Allie Chambers’ existence upside down. Caring for—and feeding—an orphaned vampire baby has been tricky enough. But as little Liam grows, so does his appetite. He needs more blood than she can personally supply. And when her attempts to steal from a blood bank go awry, Allie wakes up surrounded by doctors, cops…and the gorgeous, mesmerizing Magnus, who she can neither trust nor resist.

Magnus never expected to find his life mate breaking into a blood bank. Clearly, Allie is already entwined with his world—in deeper, more dangerous ways than she realizes. A band of vicious rogue immortals is in pursuit, and Magnus’ first task is to keep her safe. His second: to awaken her to mind-blowing pleasure, and hope she’ll accept the life, and the passion, that only he can offer.




Don’t let the fact that this is the 30th book in a series. I had seen this book pop up a lot lately when it was released and it just sounded so good, that I quickly added it to my library holds list. I was a little concerned that with it being the 30th book in a well-established series, that I would feel horribly left out and confused as to the world the author created, but that wasn’t the case at all. Since Allie is a human who knows nothing of the world, everything is explained to her, and in doing so is explained to the readers as well. So, if this book sounds good to you but you haven’t read the previous books in the series, don’t be afraid to just dive right in. 😉

I thought that both main characters were pretty strong. You have Allie who is a human, who was raised in a very sheltered environment, and yet when she befriends a vampire, and adopts the vampire’s son when her friend is killed. She’s been on the run for years, trying to protect the little boy from rogue vampires, and somehow has managed to keep the boy safe. She doesn’t run from new and scary things, she faces it head on, and she would walk through fire to keep the little boy safe. Magnus was also an amazing character. He has been an immortal for many many millennia. When he finds out that he has a life mate, he does everything he can to protect her and her son. He isn’t all alpha macho man. He is sweet, kind, patient, and just a really great character. I was really happy that half of the story is in his POV.

If you’re looking for a really good paranormal romance, you should think about picking this book up. Like I said before, I was really nervous about reading a book that was 30th in a series, but this stands on its own perfectly. I do plan to go back and pick up the other books in the series.



4 Thoughts on “Review: Immortal Born by Lynsay Sands

  1. I love this series. it’s one of the longer running series that I’ve been reading since the beginning. Glad to hear you liked this one.

  2. 30th????!!!!! I’m glad you could jump in at this point.

    This actually sounds really wonderful and like something I would enjoy! I haven’t read any paranormal in years.

    Karen @ For What It’s worth

  3. It’s been a super long time since I read anything in this series!! I think I read up to book 6/7 and then gave up! I can’t believe it’s still going at book 30… However, I’m glad to know that if I pick this one up I don’t need to worry about everything I missed! I appreciate a series that you can step into at any point. One of the plus points to a series of interconnected standalones! 🙂

  4. I’ve read one or two books from this series – years ago! It was before you could go right online and order the next books in the series, so I never picked it up again as they weren’t as accessible. I do want to go back and start from the beginning, especially since you like this one so much. It means the series isn’t losing its steam!

    Great review. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

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