Review: Mr Bride: Vol 3 by Natsumi Shiba

Mr. Bride
Vol. 3
By: Natsumi Shiba
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Publication date: Aug. 31, 2021
Genre: Romance Manga

At 26 years old, Hayami is four years into her career as a saleswoman. She’s an ace when it comes to her work, but at home she becomes a massive slob. It just so happens that Yamamoto-kun, her junior who carries a bit of a torch for her, is a pro at housework! Hayami takes him in as her wife, and their life as housemates begins. But why does it feel like things are slowly starting to change between them…!?




This volume takes place three months after Yamamoto-kun moved into Hayami’s place. Kayami is realizing that she has feelings for Yamamoto-kun, but to her, relationships are doomed to fail. So, she tries to shove her feelings away. Meanwhile, Yamamoto-kun thinks that it might be best to give Hayami space since she doesn’t seem to respond to his advances of interest.

I feel like we are finally getting to the point where they might snap and let the other in on their feelings. I really hope it happens soon because this back and forth is killing me. If you’re looking for a cute manga, definitely give this one a shot.


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One Thought on “Review: Mr Bride: Vol 3 by Natsumi Shiba

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, it does sound interesting.

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