Review: Waffles by Tara Duggan

Fun recipes for every meal
By: Tara Duggan
Publisher: Weldon Owen
Published: March 13, 2012
Genre: Cookbook

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A collection of 40 recipes that show waffles can be part of any meal. With classic as well as creative options, such as chicken & waffles, waffle sandwiches, and waffle sundaes, this new, beautifully designed and deliciously photographed title proves that waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore.Who can resist the aroma of freshly baked waffles in the morning? Watching with anticipation as thick pats of butter melt into the indentations, before pouring sticky-sweet maple syrup over the top? Or the moment your fork sinks into a stack of waffles, dripping with goodness, and you taste the first bite? With this book, you can re-create these delicious moments and dozens more.
Breakfast isn’t the only time to make good use of your waffle iron. With the recipes to prove it, this book shows just how easy it is to serve waffles for brunch, lunch, dinner—even dessert. Savory waffle sandwiches for a midday meal are a unique spin on classics like PB&J and BLTs. Or, try waffles studded with cheese and spinach or sweet corn and roasted red peppers for dinner. And for dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth with decadent chocolate or fruit-filled waffles topped with scoops of ice cream, toasted nuts, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Each recipe includes easy instructions for standard or Belgian waffle makers; some can even be made in a stove top Hong Kong–style waffle maker with delicious results. Filled with tempting full-color photography and lots of batters and toppings to mix and match, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for every occasion.

I’m a huge waffle fan. There’s just something about those pockets that hold your syrup perfectly that I just love. I would even make brownies in my waffle maker. So when I saw this book was available on NetGalley for review I was quick to jump on it. I mean, I hadn’t really tried a lot of waffle combinations and I was really looking forward to trying a bunch of new recipes.

Unfortunetly this book didn’t have the crazy combinations that I was hoping for. For instance the Smore’s recipe was just a plain waffle with chocolate chips and marshmallows on top. I was thinking something different. There were a few interesting recipes that had lettuce on top, so it did have a few creative recipes.

I liked that there were full size pictures to go along with some of the recipes. I’m a very visual person, so whenever a cookbook has pictures, it gets two thumbs up from me.

I did get a chance to try a couple of the recipes. One of which was the cranberry ginger orange waffle. That one was really good. You got the sweet orange taste when you bit into a cranberry and the ginger really helped balance everything out. I think this was my favorite recipe from the book.

I also tried the lemon poppy seed which tasted like the muffins but in waffle form. I wasn’t overly sure if maple syrup would go with it so instead I spread some butter on it and sprinkled it with powdered sugar.

The recipes that I tried turned out delicious and I wish I had had more time to try more. If you are looking for recipes for your waffle iron this is a good book to get since it goes over the basic waffle recipe and then adds some variations to it. However, if you’re like me and are looking for some whacky waffle recipes that aren’t your usual maple syrup and fork variety, then this may not be the book for you. Like I said, it’s got a lot of good recipes but I was looking for something a bit more out there.

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