I really hope the craziness is over

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It’s getting down to the wire for this move. I have been driving back and forth a lot as we continued to search for a house up north. It’s just been so rough because everyone up there is turning their homes into airbnb’s. So, there really aren’t many rental properties available that would fit our needs. However, The Mister and I drove up on Friday to look at one more house and hopefully sign a lease. We actually loved the house and were really excited to get back to the realtor’s office to sign the lease… when our car wouldn’t start. We had someone try to jump us, AAA come and mess with the battery, then he had to call in and send for another truck since our car needed to be towed and he already had a vehicle on his truck. It was a mess. We wound up sitting outside of our potential new home for two hours in the 110° heat. Thankfully, I had a friend in the area who was able to come out and get us once we realized we were going to be just sitting out there a while. She drove us around as we looked over the lease, went to the auto shop where our car was transported, and ultimately drove us out to the only car rental shop in the Morongo Basin that had a vehicle left. We literally rented the last vehicle in the entire area in order to get back home to San Diego and start prepping for the move. So, we got a house but the entire day was a mess and I’m honestly just over the whole move.

Speaking of moving, the movers will be here in a couple of days to start packing up our stuff. Which means that I will be going silent for a little bit. I am currently typing away, trying to get posts up and ready to go live during the time I will be offline, but I won’t really be on here chatting with you. I will be on Instagram a little bit, but that will probably be all that you will see from me until we get the new house set up.


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I’m really enjoying the Frontiers of the Heart series. Bound for Sin was another great story and I can’t wait to see read the next book in the series. Into the Fire was the finale for Vlad and Laylah, and I have to say that I was a bit disappointed. I felt like a lot was left open. I’m not sure if that’s because there’s yet another spin-off in the works (seriously, what is with this author/series and all the dang spinoffs!?) or if things were just forgotten when she wrapped it all up.



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7 Thoughts on “I really hope the craziness is over

  1. Wow..how crazy. I am so glad you found a place and hope the car issue is a small one. Good luck with the move! We shall see you on the flipside. Take pictures!

  2. Oh man…that whole day sounds stressful x’s infinity. At least you were able to get the house.

    I gave up on Frost a while ago. When I heard she was making a series out of Vlad’s story and then planning other things…ehhh I have too much to read for that these days lol

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  3. Cool pics! Love that last one…

    Congrats on finding a place! Sounds like a stressful (and hot) day but at least your move can happen now- wishing you all the best with that!

  4. Beautiful photos! Wow, I hope this week is less crazy. Good luck with the move. Have a great week!

  5. Congrats on getting a house but I’m so the day was such a mess. Good luck with your move!

  6. Love the pics and congrats on the move.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. Good luck on the move!!! <333

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